Our Commitment to Support Customer Growth in Learning for Improvement

Recently, the ThinkTank team had opportunity to support our oldest client to give the more module training in Acumatica ERP. The objectives of this learning session was to provide customer employees with in-depth training and insight into the importance and benefits of modern ERP systems by implementing more module solutions in Acumatica ERP.

As our first session, our team focused on Acumatica ERP learning materials lessons, it was an unquestionable success turnout for these sessions.

Our consultant teams are excited that the next generation is learning first-hand about our innovative business technologies and how to apply that knowledge in real-life business situations. It’s a great way to empower people through technology, and it says what our ThinkTank Cares program is all about—building a diverse, sustainable, and just customer support ecosystem that works together to make a real, lasting difference.

In these sessions, real key users got a hand on training by allowing them to try the system by themselves our team was supporting them one – one during the breakout session. It was a whole learning process that successfully closed the gap between theoretical understanding and practical implementation. This session provides a platform for our professionals clients, giving them the knowledge and outlook needed to succeed in the field of business analytics and cloud ERP systems. Seeing all modules works and having those modules integrate one and another, this will give our client competitive edge on understanding their data, utilizing their data and how the data helps them to bring more sales revenues

During these sessions, our consultant instructor also open Q & A sessions that allow the real key users to ask our team real business cases on their daily operations. Our onsite consultant team provides guidance, answers, support and many others to our users on how our Acumatica ERP can help them in solving their issues in their business operations.

Then the learning sessions are closed by our client top management to express their big appreciation to our team and also to all participants of the training sessions and their hopes that these sessions would be need some more in future in order to help them to get better and better in the future.

We are tremendously proud and happy with our team’s collaboration with our client. Each and every consultant team are a passionate professional who cares deeply about helping our customers overcome business challenges and, as a person, they shares our steadfast commitment to customer service.

These learning sessions have been rewarding experiences for our team as well because we got to meet our customers who have a passion to learn more and more about our Acuamtica ERP and also want to be better all the time so their company can grow into better than before.

If you would like to speak to any one of us about your ERP requirements, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. You’ll discover why we consider our people to be our most valuable resource.

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