Although some business owners consider that warehouse inventory management is limited to managing inventory so you can quickly find the item in search, but in truth, warehouse management has more use than that.

inventory management

Good inventory management is not just managing the laying of goods, but more than that, inventory management is very useful for maximizing productivity while saving time and money in order to improve inventory accuracy.

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No matter what type of business you run on either nonprofit though, paying bills is a big part of doing business. If you can not pay your bills effectively, then chances are that your business will not work.

All businesses have bills to pay. For small businesses, their bills are usually handled by only a few staff members. But what about medium-scale businesses and higher?

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Regardless of the type of business or the size of the business you are managing, without good financial statements, it will only lead to failure. The process of financial recording is the most important and is the most critical activity that must be done by every business¬†owner. Without it, you will never know the business condition until it’s all too late.

Bookkeeping – Fundamental knowledge in financial management


Bookkeeping is a record-keeping activity of all financial transactions including purchases, sales, receipts and also payments and accruals for debts or receivables. Read more

In short, order management is about tracking orders and managing the processes and resources needed to fulfill those orders. Order management involves tracking the order itself and managing order data like what their last order is? Do they pay on time? Or do they buy in large volumes?


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Just because your company does not generate billions of dollars does not mean you do not have assets that need to be tracked, protected and valued in your business. Asset management is not only done by big companies, even for you middle-level business owners also need to pay special attention to the management of your assets.

fixed asset

Fortunately now there are many present asset management software that can be used to meet asset management for middle class companies as you have. It offers solutions that can help you when conducting audits, tracking assets when assets are lost and so on.

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One of the greatest advantages of a sophisticated distribution software is the ease to integrate with other business management software such as accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), or other modules.

With features that can improve security, reliability and efficiency in providing accurate and timely data makes distribution software the most wanted tools in various distribution companies.


Meet Your Distribution Needs With Acumatica Cloud ERP Modern Distribution Software

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Managing inventory on business sometimes likes to stress the mind. Especially when we only have one warehouse but we have many goods to be stored. The only solution to overcome these problem is to add a warehouse. But along with the business development and increasing of this warehouse, it will become one thing that will be difficult to control.

Business inventory

If it’s like this then it’s time for you to think and consider the use of cloud-based ERP software to streamline or simplify your inventory management. One of the cloud-based ERP software you can use is Acumatica Cloud ERP.

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As we all know, asset are resources we have or we control that are expected to produce economic value in the future. In the business world, assets are generally owned to benefit or to increase business value.

According to its function, asset are divided into several categories that can be used for various purposes such as accounting, taxation or to measure the value or financial health of an entity.

asset management

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As a good distributor, you should be able to ensure that you can always fulfill the order well and deliver the message to the customers efficiently. Whether it’s a self-made product or a tailor-made product, you should be able to send it on time as a key to gain competitive advantage and customer satisfaction.

But this can be a difficult thing to get by increasing the popularity of e-commerce as the current trend. That’s why speed and precision are now the most prioritized of all distribution software.


By choosing the right distribution software, you can improve stock management, data accuracy, timing and customer and supplier relationships while still providing the scalability and flexibility that a company needs to grow. Read more