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When we started the business, we often met business owners who only focused on the product and marketing. Indeed, this is normal, especially when we are just starting to pioneer. We need to do what is called market penetration so that our products are quickly recognized by consumers.

But unfortunately because of this, they often forget about financial records that they should have done from the very beginning. They just started to realize the importance of financial recording when their business began to grow, transactions grew and stocks increased but their financial presence could not be known accurately. Read more

Acumatica ecommerce

Various management software is now present and growing to make it easier for you to run the business that you have. Solutions from various management software can be used in all types of businesses such as manufacturing, distributors, service businesses, finance and so on. Then what about e-commerce? Did you know about e-commerce software?

Ecommerce software is a software that operates behind the scenes in an online store that allows you to be able to manage inventory, add or remove products, calculate taxes, etc. And one of the best ecommerce software today is Acumatica Cloud ERP – Ecommerce Edition. Read more

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You all must have known that warehouse management software is an application that can make it easier for you to manage daily operations in the warehouse.

At first, the warehouse software can only provide simple functions that mostly only contain storage locations. But with the development of existing technology, warehouse management software offers more than that.

Now warehouse management software can minimize the possibility of errors that usually occur when sending goods. This software can also help your company fulfill orders quickly and instantly track order products in the warehouse. Read more

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Amidst this very tight business competition, increasing efficiency in business management can be a factor for your business success. Speed in handling customers can be an important point and can even be a competitive advantage if you can do it very well.

Therefore, now there are many online accounting software that can help you to support business activities, especially in finance. Thanks to the development of existing technology, online accounting software has now developed so fast that it finally plays a very important role in various business activities, especially in accounting related issues. Read more

warehouse management software

In today’s ever-evolving age, it’s weird if you still manage your business the traditional way which wasting a lot of your time. Not to mention you will certainly be further behind by your competitors who already begin to follow the trend.

For those of you who manage a business modeled wholesale, retail or other business model that uses a warehouse, of course having a warehouse management software to manage your warehouse stock is very important. With warehouse management software, all your business processes and activities will become more efficient. Read more

Manufacturing is a process where raw materials are transformed into a finished product. This process requires many stages where all the stages consist of several parts that are interconnected. Due to the many stages, it is very unlikely that the management of manufacturing is done manually, especially in today’s business era that demands fast paced.

That’s why the present erp software aims to complement and simplify the management of manufacturing processes in order to become more efficient and also more effective. Hence the selection process of ERP Manufacturing software has been made as the company’s top priority.

Acumatica ERP Manufacturing

Acumatica ERP Manufacturing Read more

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You must have felt the rapid development of information technology that has brought about changes in many areas of our lives. One such technological advancement is the computer that we now often use to simplify our work.

In the office world, of course most of the activities carried out with computers, and there are no exception to financial administration. Thanks to the computer, administrative work that previously took a lot of time now has become easier and faster to complete. But unfortunately it is not enough for you to be able to compete in the midst of modern market development as it is today. Read more

financial management

It is no secret that companies will never be able to grow much less survive if they are unable or do not have full understanding of their financial management.

No matter how big your company is, if you do not know the financial condition you have then everything will be useless. That’s why many business owners are constantly wrestling and struggling to find answers to the question of what is really needed to have effective financial management. Read more

Acumatica ERP Manufaktur

The manufacturing industry has a dynamic and competitive nature that makes it important for the business to have an integrated solution that can improve efficiency, reduce expenses, increase sales and profitability. In addition they also need solutions that enable them to be able to make decisions that are accurate, informative and also strategic.

Acumatica ERP Manufacturing Software is the answer to all the problems you have. Acumatica ERP Manufacturing integrates all aspects of business from resources, operations, monitoring, reporting, sales, accounting, finance and so on. Read more