Best Solution For Company In Addressing Payroll Calculation

In making and conduct a business process, efficiency is a necessity in the current era of business competition. It aims to make the company more competitive yet still be able to save costs or expenses.

Each company must have had a certain parts experiencing wastage that needs to be reduced such as the process of inputting payroll. The number of parts as well as payroll forms this could be a job that is time consuming and labor during the payroll calculation, causing inefficiencies in the counting process on the company payroll.


Administration and reporting of employee attendance is one of the inefficiencies in the payroll process. One thing you need to know is this could cause a domino effect on the business which could result in substantial losses

Especially, after getting reports attendance the HRD is usually perform a verification process with attendance machine used by the company. This process takes a bit of time to get results that can be used to make comparisons between the administration reports and attendance machine.

In addition, there are some other things that can cause slow processing of payroll processes within the company, among others

  1. The calculation of overtime
  2. The calculation of bonuses and incentives
  3. Changes in working hours
  4. attendance list
  5. and so forth

This is extremely sensitive to the payroll so you need to check to avoid errors in the calculation of salary for each employee. Surely it causes the HR job accumulate when entering the cut off payroll.

A matter of above problems are very common in companies that do not have a reliable system that is able to follow changes in the company’s environment. Moreover, with the growth and development of the business so quickly now having a reliable system applications such as HRIS (Human Resource Information System) which is capable of handling business process efficiency could be the best solution to save a company.

Haermes is a web-based HRIS applications that have been tested and were able to facilitate the work of HR who has so many parts involved. Module – related core modules owned by Haermes such as Employee Management, Leave & Attendance and Payroll will greatly assist you in working on a wide range of payroll processing. In addition to the core modules such, Haermes also has a wide range of additional modules such as Recruitment, Training, Claim, Loan, Travel and so forth where the module – the module can be customized to the needs of companies to support business processes in order to become more efficient and able to develop your company as effective