6 SAP Solutions for Facing 6 Distribution Activity Problems

In the business world, you must have heard the term distribution where this distribution activity is an activity which is very beneficial for the economic sector of a company. According to experts, the distribution activity is an activity of distribution of goods or services made from producers who then spread wide to consumers.

Distribution activity can also be interpreted as marketing activities so as to expedite and facilitate the delivery of goods from manufacturer to consumer hands. Despite the fact that not all the goods produced by manufacturers distributors must pass through before finally reaches the consumer, but in today’s modern economy such distribution activities hold a very important role.

distribution activities

Especially with the development of transportation resulting in this distribution activities into activities that are more important than what you could imagine.

Problems often encountered in distribution activities

Even so, the working process of distribution is also not as easy as you might think. Because of the growing development of a process or activity within the company will certainly have a problem that requires a proper solution in handling such as

  1. Difficulties in controlling the activity of salesmen in terms of sales targets, each day routing, and others
  2. Difficult to control the discharge limit customer
  3. Difficulties in operational control in-out stuff in the middle of a very large transactions, and fast.
  4. Difficulties in determining the efficiency of transport used for the delivery of goods.
  5. Difficulty to control the discount and promos in the field.
  6. The difficulty will be the misunderstanding between the salesman and back office related sales order and stock on hand in the warehouse.

With the presence of this problem is certainly in need of a proper solution that is not only able to solve the problems above, but also able to resolve other problems either going on or what will happen.

In this modern-paced world have attended a wide range of solutions available for you to faced many problems in the business world. But solution that is right for you is to use of an ERP-based business software such as SAP Business One.

The solution offered by SAP Business One in dealing with problems in distribution activities.

SAP Business One is one of the many business software available today. But thanks to the modules and features offered, SAP Business One has become a powerful business software that has been much in use even to big companies.

By using SAP software, you will not have much difficulty in running and developing a business that you have. Due to the features possessed, SAP software can solve the above problems or other problems quite efficiently and effectively

  1. SAP Business One has a Salesman Routing functions that allow us to see the activity of a salesman in real time using map.
  2. Software sap can integrate between sales to finance to control the discharge limit very easily.
  3. Barcode systems owned by SAP software can easily input in-out goods from warehouse
  4. Transportation Management feature will greatly assist you in managing the delivery so as to avoid delivery delays to the customer
  5. Function Multi-Level Discount & Promotion makes it easy for companies to do promotions to customers
  6. With the mobile functionality, a salesman can do taking orders online and can see the stock status of every item in the warehouse.

SAP Business One offers a complete solution that can handle a wide range of issues that are owned by your business. So make sure you have implemented SAP in your business so that your business can run and develop in accordance with what you would expect.