5 Advantages of ERP Distribution Software for Your Company

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Right now I’m sure you already know and understand what ERP software is and are in one of the following 3 categories

  1. You already have a distribution management system that can work well for your company.
  2. You are still trying to expedite your business process with an ERP system that still crashes or even slows down your production.
  3. You haven’t really tried the ERP system and want to learn more.

But whatever your category is, the automation offered by ERP software is very valuable and worthy of your consideration. Having ERP software can help you manage various complicated processes more easily. Here are some benefits that you can get with ERP software including:

  1. Increase visibility

    Ensuring that you can always see the overall business picture in a distribution company is very important. But for most distributors this is very difficult to do. But with distribution management software such as Acumatica Cloud ERP, distributors can get clear benefits in every process carried out from start to finish. The complete description provided by the Acumatica Cloud ERP can help you provide better visibility about how your distribution company runs.

  1. Improve warehouse management

    Although manual processing has its own advantages, many traders are starting to switch to using ERP software with automatic features to simplify their warehouse management process. With warehouse management automation capabilities, you can improve the warehouse management process and enable you to track and manage data from various warehouses and provide real time visibility regarding inventory in transit, costs and reorder quantities.

  1. Request planning

    Another advantage offered by erp software is the ability to do request planning. Knowing a clear picture of the number of stock items needed is very important so that we can always fulfill the existing orders.

  1. Accurate reporting

    Distribution management software is very useful for you to get more accurate reporting. This is not only useful for decision making but also very useful for collecting data into accurate reports that can even be viewed in real time.

  1. Automate the work process

    ERP software can take over some work from your hands. Although you can help automate purchase orders, with the Acumatica Cloud ERP, you can ensure that everything remains in your agreement. That way you can still take full control of your business.

With ERP distribution software, you can get great advantages and benefits so that it can help your business grow without significant obstacles. Want to know the other advantages offered by the Acumatica Cloud ERP Distribution Software? Contact us at (021) 53675015 or you can also email us at sales@8thinktank.com.