System Implementation

System Implementation


Whether you are starting from scratch, converting from a legacy system, or implementation enterprise software solution, Think Tank will provide business process, technical knowledge and project management proficiency that will get your implementation up and running on timely manner and within close to targeted budget. Think Tank will help you analyze your business processes and prepare/gather business requirements for your enterprise software implementation project. We will help you select the right solution and implement it. But we won’t stop there. We offer configuration, training, support, and upgrade services to ensure your solution stays up to date and is used to the greatest benefit.

If you’re the company that needs hand holding from concept to completion or if you just need installation, we provide the service that gets you to a finished project that actually contributes to your productivity. Our rapid prototype methodology lets you get your hands on the application quickly and help design the process flow. By the time you are ready to go live, we’ve eliminated the risks and surprises typically encountered.

Adopting proven system implementation methodology

The development, integration, and implementation for your enterprise software solution should be based on industry best practices. Although every project is different, the Think Tank uses from years of experience in a variety of industries and follows a proven five-step project implementation methodology:

  1. Analysis
    We begin the project with a meeting with your company’s executives and key users to determine the project vision, scope, objectives, key performance indicators, and benefits. During this phase, we gather the key business requirements, relevant documents, set the schedule for project activities, determine the deliverables, allocate resources, and assign roles within both of our team and client team.
  2. Design
    Our team defines how the business requirements will be addressed on the enterprise software system by properly configuring the software settings. Then we configure the overall solution, design the customizations, and complete the technical documents that satisfy the goals discussed in the analysis phase.
  3. Implementation & Development
    The goal of the implementation & development phase is to configure, build and test the module components according to the approved design specifications (based on business requirements), including reports, customizations, integrations, and data migration processes. Testing is completed during this time. This only applies when specific business requirements are not available within the enterprise software solutions.
  4. Deployment
    Think Tank transitions the solutions to the end-user. We complete any training, cutover tasks, and troubleshooting needed before the new application goes live. During deployment phase, there would be two phase of training, which is: training the trainers and training key users. This concept will help the client to be more independent in operating the solution with having less dependency to our team.
  5. Operation
    The solution goes live, and the Think Tank team provides post-project support, performs a final quality audit, transitions the solutions to support, and finalizes the project. Our support model can be adjusted to our client specific needs.

Embracing project change management concept

Industry research has shown that one of the many causes of unsuccessful project implementation is project scope creeping. This happened when the agreed project scope of works become larger than what has been agreed upon or uncontrollable changes in project scope of works. When this happened, the project state will become at risk to meet the deadline. As results, many projects are not able to go live and both parties are not able to reach the desired project goals.  At Think Tank, our teams implement “Change Management Process” methodology to control this issue to ensure the projects are able to go live as scheduled. In order for this process working, both our team and clients have to stick with agreed project goals, deadlines, guidelines, etc.

Allocating “Right People” Within Project Teams

Besides having the right implementation methodology is important, it is also very crucial and essential to assemble project team members with the right people during system implementation. “Right people” here means resources are following criteria:

  • Resources who are willing to allocate the time to the project (availability)
  • Resources who can make commitment to project goals and tasks
  • Resources who have the right knowledge, backgrounds, skill sets and experiences
  • Resources who understand the business problems
  • Resources who can brainstorm together to find solution in system

All of above these qualities apply to both team (our consultant team and our client team). It is quite often resources who are assigned on the team with lack qualification can bring risk to project success.

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