Software Development

Software Development


Software Development Thinktank – We believe and treat that every clients are unique in at least some respects, so some customization of your solution may be necessary to handle their specific unique business requirement due to specific situations or circumstances. From just a few small tweaks to a fully-stand alone customized platform, Think Tank has the experience and expertise to create a finished product that works with and for your organization.

Think Tank consultants are resourceful and very experience in all development aspects of the solutions we provide. Our development teams have actual technical experience and they are well versed in various technologies platforms. They’ve been around the block and know how to apply creative ideas as well as overcome challenges in your business.

Business Model

Our business models reflect the same spirit of flexibility and commitment for tailored solutions that best fit our clients’ needs. Each client and each engagement is given individual attention, including multiple options for structuring the business relationship to support a flexible and trustworthy long-term partnership.

In order to compete effectively, your business depends upon your ability to conceive and execute multiple, concurrent technology initiatives. Initiatives may challenge your existing skill sets and stretch your resources! This is where we come into play. Think Tank Solutions engage global delivery model to provide you flexible and highly scalable means of applying technology into your business to keep you competitive in a rapidly evolving market place. Our tailored business model gives you freedom of applying technology based on your time needs and finances. Our technical consultants help you determine a viable solution for you, based on your business needs.

Our Software Development Methodology

We employ a range of methodologies to estimate your project size, time and cost calculations. We divide each project goals to sub tasks and milestones and strive our best that they be achieved on time and performance criteria are met. This strategy gives freedom to our clients to decide about development phases and project funding.

Think Tank Solutions provides independent technology companies with a world-class development partner that can quickly scale up and deliver critical projects which provide excellent results with consistency. Our software development methodologies are based on project nature, size, user requirements, delivery time and financing. We employ tailored Software Development Lifecycle for Small Projects, Spiral Model and Waterfall model methodology based on project type, supported by strong project management discipline to deliver consistently superior results.

Our filed-proven global delivery methodology enables us to shorten total delivery time, accelerate time-to-market and deliver significantly higher value for our client’s investment. In many cases, Think Tank Solution is able to undertake projects and deliver business value that would not otherwise be possible due to prohibitive cost, unavailability of needed expertise or unacceptably long time to market. Our development methodologies are fully intact with offshore development and have the capabilities to overcome issues raised during client interaction and requirements gathering.

Our in-depth technical knowledge and resources

At Think Tank, our consultants and technical developers come from across various industries and experiences, and are experts in the Design, Development, Integration, Deployment and Support. This expertise is evident in our technology and our systems which provide return on our client investments.

In addition, our people stay with us for a long time. Each of our team leaders has been with the company for some time, and the vast majority of our consultants have been with the company for more than three years. We believe they are the most innovative and talented technical team working anywhere in this IT industry.

Independent platform and technology

At Think Tank, we never stick and stay into single technology platforms. Our approaches on technology platform selection is based on many factors, such as: goals of projects, intended users who use the application, client technology infrastructure, cost benefits assessments of each technologies to our client projects, our client support team, etc. As you can see that there are a lot of things are need to be considered before making decision on specific platform, that is why we never chose technology platform based on our resource availability but rather what are best for our clients.

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