What is HRIS Software and What It’s Benefits for The Companies?

There are many factors that influence the success of a company. One of them is the factor of human resources owned. Therefore, the companies must be able to manage these resources optimally so that they can deliver performance to meet expectations.

human resource

To be able to manage human resources, there are many solutions that can be used. One such solution is to use a system or software HRIS (Human Resource Information System).

What’s HRIS Software?

HRIS Software is a software that is made specifically to be able to organize and manage a wide range of matters relating to human resources in the company.

In other words, software HRIS is our solution in doing data entry, data checking and other demands related to human resources such as attendance, payroll, employee management, recruitment, training etc. and it’s stored in a database so that we can access and see it anytime we want.

A HRIS software is able to provide information needed by the company such as:

  1. Attendance list
  2. The increase in salaries and history
  3. The level of payroll and occupation
  4. Employee performance development plans
  5. Acceptance of training
  6. Follow-discipline
  7. Employee personal information
  8. Identification of potential employees
  9. Search applicants, interview and selection
  10. And so forth.

With HRIS software, data for the purposes of employee management, development and career advancement has facilitated, thus allowing the staff that manage human resource management in the enterprise can direct the work to became more strategic.

One of the HRIS software that we can use is Haermes HRIS software. This software can be integrated with various kinds and types of machine attendance. Moreover Haermes HRIS can also be used for a variety of other processes related to human resources management such as payroll, training, recruitment, employee management and so forth. So not only we can manage attendance system company, but we also can maximize human resources of the company.