Tips to Identify Potential Employees in Company

In every company there are always human resources that support in various business processes. And of the many employees, they have the potential employees are different from one another. And to be able to discover and map out the potential that is the challenge for the company.

potential employees

In its management, the company usually makes a special department tasked with monitoring, control and develop the human resources of the company. But unfortunately it is not enough. There are still many companies that have not really understand how to identify, develop and retain potential employees they have.

Therefore, let’s discuss how the right way to identify and manage potential employees right.

  1. The first step in developing the potential of employees on a regular company begins by defining its potential. In general, there are several ways that can be used to define the potential of employees, among others:
    • By Level – An employee is considered to be potential if within a certain time he can be promoted to a certain level. Level is meant here differ from one company to another company. So it is better we start to develop the level contained in our own company.
    • By Role – An employee could be considered if deemed potentially could fill the role of certain strategic within a certain time.
    • By Breadth – An employee can be considered potentially if within a certain time he can work with broad coverage.

    Apart from the three definitions above, there are many other definitions used by the company in which they will combine these definitions to fit the needs and vision and mission of the company.

  1. The next step is to conduct assessment and mapping of potential for existing employees in the company. In general, the assessment is done through the performance evaluation of employees at mid and end of the year that comes with coaching and mentoring in their daily work. And the results of this evaluation will be used to map the potential of employees.
    Here are some tips that can be done so that the process of evaluation and assessment of potential employees can run optimally.

    • Defining the specific talents of potential employees and covers some potential.
      Remember the potential not only in the measure of its ability to be promoted or not.
    • Measure performance assessment accurately.
      The performance assessment is not only related to key performance indicators such as sales and profit targets, but also how employees have functional competence and leadership.
    • Assessing the potential for future appropriately.
      The future potential is not only seen on past performance alone. But we can also see how the employee’s ability to do bigger jobs. The most common measurement is to assess leadership competencies of employees, among others how they can motivate, binding, and develop others.
    • Appropriate assessment tools.
      Assessment tools generally sourced paper performance evaluations. But the development of the times, now present a software commonly called the HRIS software that can help us to make an assessment by storing the employees easily as needed. In addition, this software also can help us in managing the various issues related to human resources such as payroll, employee management, attendance and so forth.