Solutions For Employee Data Errors In HR Management

Each company always had a unique rule in running their business processes. It is very reasonable considering the many types of existing businesses such as factories, distribution, automotive, retail, education and various type of business.

As well as many types of business processes in eachcompany must have a wide range of employee data that sometimes like to raises a separate issue on HR Manajamen.

employee data

Moreover, with concomitant developments in the company, the selling rate will certainly increase so they require the addition of employees to ensure that the production or performance can be run smoothly and can satisfy the customers or clients they have.

But with the number of existing employees in a company can sometimes cause distortions or erroneous employee data that they have. That’s why the company that is growing and wants his company stay organized and structured, especially in the HR management will need the help of an HR software like Haermes HRIS.

Haermes HRIS solution on the deviation or error employee data

Haermes HRIS will greatly help the HR team of your company in the input, process and store data of your employees on a database system that has been available. It certainly can support the company’s business activities and processes and can assist management in making and determining the best decisions for the company’s progress.

By using the software Haermes HRIS, the employment of HRD will be more organized so as to minimize error employee data.

Examples of employee common mistake

At one company not infrequently there is an employee who get special treatment because of the position she/he held, years of being owned or considerations or other considerations that are not included in the company regulations. This certainly can make its own confusion to the team HRD in handling payroll. In addition, the HRD team would also need a record of the history of the employee in order to trace if things happen that are not in want.

However, by using Haermes HRIS, you can overcome the deviation or error of this data with module owned by Haermes HRIS such as:

  1. Employee Management Module – Module that supports inputting and data processing company employees
  2. Attendance Module – Module that supports presence, working hours, leave or overtime
  3. Payroll Module – Module that handles payroll

Aside from the three core modules above, Haermes HRIS also have additional modules that are equipped with a record or history of any inputting transactions. So we can always see thedevelopments in the company that we run.

By implementing HR systems such as Haermes HRIS on the company, you can take advantage of the system to address various problems commonly found in HR management such as recruitment, employee training, evaluation of employees, recording employees, or other problems so you can easily manage resources human resources that you have.