Role Of Haermes HRIS In Payroll Management

In an age of growing, there are still many companies are still using the traditional manual method in calculating the salary or wages of employees. Although this method is not wrong, but it is very time-consuming, energy and mind in the process. This resulted in the HR department has to work overtime so that their work can be completed on time and with a cut-off that has been specified.


In addition, the process is inefficient and time-consuming, there are other problems that commonly occur if the work is done manually as one of inputting errors or other problems commonly caused by human error.

That’s why there is now a software called HR (Human Resource), created and developed specifically to meet the needs of the job in the HR department.

Haermes HRIS (Human Resource Information System)

Haermes is one web-based HR applications and has a strong foundation in its development in order to meet the needs of users in handling the various processes related to human resources. Ranging from setting employee, attendance and payroll. As for some other additional modules such as loan, claim, appraisal, training, inventory and also travel.

Haermes HRIS offers the ease of using a payroll management system when compared with the manual method to decrease the incidences of human error that makes payroll processing can be run more effectively and efficiently.

Features found on the payroll Haermes HRIS system supports the user in managing the monthly payroll ranging from setting various salary components such as overtime, bonuses, and also BPJS and THR.

In its management, payroll module Haermes can make the process early to BPJS and also inputting additional components that are in process in the current month. By doing so, it can relieve users in doing payroll processing. Users will be able to taste the difference between perceived workmanship during the payroll process is difficult and time-consuming now becomes an easy job was done.


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