Recording Employee History in HR Development

Has it occurred by the company you are working with has an employee history that can be used as a reference or guidelines in the development of human resources at the company?

For the HRD team (Human Resource Department), this employee history is very necessary to be noticed. Why? Because it is very influential on the implementation of human resource development in a company. Examples such as the provision of training or training modules to improve employee performance.

employee history

For this reason, consideration for the existence of employee history is needed for the company to see whether the employee is suitable for the transfer to another section or division that is suitable and appropriate for their employees capabilities.

Recording History of Employees In A Company

Recording history of these employees may seem so easy, but the fact is, it can be a challenge for the HR division in doing this recording employee history.

Although outside there have been present the various systems or HR application which aims to simplify the process of recording the history of these employees, but very few that provide a detailed history of the employee who is truly needed by the company.

But there are also applications HR that is providing all the features required by the HR team to record, construct, develop and operate a variety of relevant issues of human resources in the company.

One of this software is called Haermes HRIS where this software presents the detail information of employees history that can be used as a development reference of individual employees at the company.

Haermes HRIS – Human Resource Management Solutions Company

Haermes HRIS has many columns (fields) to support the company’s completeness of employee data. In addition, there are also data on employees that aims in providing training and human resource development in order to provide appropriate training that is needed by employees according to job responsibilities.

With this data, we also will be able to standardize the performance of the employee in their job. So that we can determine which employees are able to work well and not. And of course, can help us determine which employees deserve appreciation or reward on performance and which are not.

So start developing the potential of the human resources of your company by Haermes HRIS so you can build a competent resource that can promote your company.

Author – JR