Haermes HRIS Solutions Company In Avoiding Data Leaks

Regardless of the size of the company, the HR department (Human Resource) has a very important role in managing the welfare of employees in meeting all the needs that they have.

With the growing size of the existing workforce, the greater the need for the company to obtain accurate record to help the HR department in keeping records of complete and up-to-date for each employee in a company. In this case, investing in software or HR software is the ideal solution.

hris software

We understand that a system of HR (Human Resource) is a system that have been built and starts with a good employee management. That is why the majority of HR as Haermes HRIS software is built with a very strong foundation complemented with features that can help the HR department and management in analyzing, tracking, and even in-depth configuration for each employee in the company.

But you need to know, a good HR system is not just a software that has features that can facilitate the work alone. A good HR system must also be able to offer good security to company employees as well so that the data can be maintained and no leakage of data that does not want to happen.

HRIS Haermes role in maintaining the security of corporate data.

Data company which is managed by HRD is confidential data that needs to be guarded closely because it’s strongly associated with a history of life of employees. As many as 41% of an existing company admitted fearing the possibility of data leakage. That is why we also need to think in terms of data security when we use HR software.

Here Haermes HRIS function as an HR software provides a solution to be able to minimize data leakage that might occur with the necessary developments in the management of HR.

The cause of the frequent occurrence of data leakage is usually in the given user has access rights beyond capacity, so the possibility of data leakage becomes greater. That is why Haermes equipped with the manufacture of special access to users so that any act or transaction requires the approval of superiors. By doing so, all transactions can be monitored.

Besides tracking system as well as the categorization in Haermes will be very helpful in case of an audit so as to avoid errors in the use of HRIS system running.