Efficiency Haermes HRIS In Handling Employee Management

Employees are one of the most important resources that should be developed by each company. Because employees is one of the important resources that exist in every company. Without the development of the resources, the company will not be able to develop even have difficulty in dealing with the rigors of the business world movement that exists today.

Most companies provide a special section whose activities are focused in handling or managing the human resources that exist in the company. These parts are now well-known HRD.

HRD team had activities related to the management or employees of such attendance management, payroll, hours of work, and so forth.

employee managementDifficult to set the pattern for employees who have changing work patterns that are tailored to the operational needs of the company can be a challenge for the HR team. Even so, a good HR must always be able to manage and ensure data accuracy employees.

Why is the data – the data management of the employees is very important?

In any enterprise data – Data management employees are very important to support the performance of a company. Additionally, this data could also be an important factor in measuring KPI (Key Performance Indicators). KPI is very influential on performance appraisal performance of employees at the company.

In practice of course this activity is not easy. This activity will be very time-consuming because of the time required in the process are not few. Not to mention the case of errors in input data or various other issues such as

  1. Employee data errors that often occur when calculating Leave & Attendance by manual
  2. There is a difference in value between the SPL (Warrant Overtime)
  3. It’s hard to ask for the signature of a supervisor for the submission of SPL
  4. Difficulties in organizing working patterns employees must follow the company’s operational hours

Obviously the problem is not one – the only problem that will be encountered by the HRD team in the execution of their work. But whatever the problems, all can be faced and solved properly and efficiently by using an existing application such as HR management Haermes HRIS applications.

With such Haermes HRIS HRIS application, we can find a wide range of solutions that can be used to minimize the problems that exist and to be able to optimize the performance of employees at the same time.

Haermes HRIS application is also able to organize and process employee data automatically and accurately in order to support the advancement of the company’s business.

So any kind of business or the criteria that you have, Haermes HRIS able to answer all the problems related to Human Resource Management and display of data – the data required to display that can be customized according to the needs