Developing Employee Performance Appraisal System in Company

As a businessman, surely we have a business that we really wants to develop. But in order to grow the business, there are various elements that we need to know, learn and apply for the business so it can run in accordance with what we expected.

performance assessment

In developing a business, we must realize that the existence and the smooth process of its resources is noteworthy. If one of the resources they have suffered a setback, then it can inhibit a variety of existing work processes and certainly will hamper the profit we should get.

One of these resources is human resources where these resources is a core or key for your company. Why? Because this resource is the key holder to the success of the business.

Therefore, many companies began to try various ways to improve the productivity of its human resources such as:

  1. Provide adequate facilities
  2. Providing training required
  3. Applying a clear career path
  4. Provide reward system for what they have obtained
  5. Freeing creativity
  6. Provide motivation
  7. And so forth

There are so many ways that we can use to improve productivity performance of human resources. But how do we know it is working or not?

That is why the performance appraisal is an important factor in the science of human resources management so that we can determine the extent to which is the results of the work done by the employees within a company.

According to it’s definition, the performance assessment is a structured system used to measure and assess a process or outcomes related to the work and behavior of employees in the company.

By assessing the performance of the company, we will get a variety of benefits that can be used to further develop the business that we have. But to get these advantages, we must first implement a performance appraisal system that is good, not only for companies but also for the development of employees.

Before conducting a performance appraisal, it’s good for us to design or designing the first scoring system will be used. Here are some things to note such as:

  1. What are the parameters to be assessed. Such as conformance to the deadline, the level of customer satisfaction,
  2. Classification of the type of performance on each employee.
  3. Classification level of performance that is used.
  4. Performance measurement procedure.
  5. Technical assessment include the frequency of assessment, in devices such as Haermes HRIS or other computerized devices or manually.

Having regard to the above five things, eventually we will be able to create a system of effective employee performance appraisal so it can optimize and develop the human resource management which is owned by the company