Build an Effective Plan For Recruitment Process

Recruitment planning a series of activities that aim to locate and lure job applicants by providing a motivation so that they can demonstrate the ability and knowledge to cover the shortage of positions identified in the planning employment in a company.

recruitment planning

Looking for a reliable workforce, professional and quality is not easy. Because to get a suitable job candidates, we will require the recruitment of employees the right strategy and effective. Do not let this recruitment process even just going to be something that takes a lot of energy, time and money without producing what is required by the company.

HR Recruitment Planning Process

Although not easy, but we can make recruitment planning process which will at least help us a little in finding a candidate who is able to fill the gap and meet the needs of the company.

In the recruitment process, there are some steps that are generally frequently used by various companies. Although each – each company has different stages in the recruitment process, but an outline of the stages is the most frequently used.

  1. Planning Recruitment
    The planning process begins with the recruitment of clear specifications required of prospective employees and deadlines meeting those needs. After that, the next step is to project list to an end by the vacancy at the company.
  2. Recruitment Strategy
    Once we know what is required by the company, the next step is to develop a recruitment strategy that can be used to search for human resources or prospective employees qualified, professional and able to meet the needs of the company.
  3. Recruitment Source 
    The meaning of the source of recruitment here is a source that can be used for us in the process of recruitment of employees. There are two sources that we can use in the process of recruitment of employees, namely external and internal sources.

    • External sources
      External sources are finding employees outside the company such as the use of online media, leaflets, or so forth.
    • Internal sources
      Meanwhile, an internal source search employees around the corporate environment such as offering to relatives or friends of employees in the company.
  4. Recruitment Selection
    This screening process we used to know as the selection process. In this recruitment process, usually we will begin to set aside the applicants by adjusting the data themselves or the ability of applicants to the wishes and needs of the company.

Basically, all of the company following the recruitment planning process as above. Although some are perhaps a bit complicated, but the principle remains the same. Like any wishes we manage employee management, all can be done easily by utilizing a system designed specifically to facilitate us in managing employees as Haermes HRIS.

With owned Haermes HRIS module, we can optimize resources owned company with as much as possible so as to provide and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the company’s work processes.