Best HR Software

Best HR software – The era of mechanical watches and excessive paperwork on the issue of employee management, has lagged behind.

There is now all applications and programs to facilitate the process of human resource management and talent management, from software offered by monthly subscription, to totally free programs for SMEs and independent programs.

In this post I want to share a selection of 6 applications, totally free without limitations, to help you increase your productivity allowing simplify and streamline the work of human resources management business.

  1. Simple HRM

Simple HRM – Free Software Resource Management Simple HRM is an open source or open source solution with which you can manage a comprehensive and efficient processes related to human resources of your company.

  1.  ABC Roster

ABC Roster – Free software to organize schedules and shifts your employers ABC Roster is a very practical and easy to use application that allows you to organize schedules and shifts of employees in a company.

You can add different jobs and different shifts that exist in the company.

  1. Days Off Calculator

Days Off Calculator Guide Organize weekly working hours of your employers, Days Off Calculator is a free program for managing human resources with which you can create a calendar and distribute your employees during a work week. Just enter the number of employees you need each day of the week, and you’ll get an optimized solution.

  1. Picture TimeClock

Picture TimeClock – Free software to control the time of entry and exit of tired employees of mechanical clocks to control entry and exit of personnel in your company

This program lets you shoot even when entering or leaving the employee.

  1. Orange HRM

Orange HRM – Free program to manage human resources in a company, Orange HRM is an ideal application for the processes of human resource management in an SME open source.

To use it you must install it on a compatible server: Apache Server, MySQL and PHP.

  1. Wikimetal HR

Wikimetal HR: Free application for personnel administration in a company, Wikimetal HR is a management program or management staff, free license, with which you can manage everything related to the employees of your company.

Best HR software

For accuracy and stability of the HR system that will manage your company, we highly recommend a compatible software for your company, People source HRIS is the perfect choice to administer and manage your employees.