5 Ways To Increasing Employee Attendance In Company

In many ways, the discipline is the most important factor of success. So also in the world of business. Without a good discipline, it will be difficult for us to set foot into a success.

For some types of businesses, self-discipline are the main factors that need to be noticed, especially discipline for absenteeism. Because believe it or not, for some businesses, the lack of discipline in terms of attendance could be their first step towards failure.

employee attandance

That’s why employee attendance or attendance list has become one factor that need to be noticed in human resources. And in this case, time & attendance can sometimes be a separate issue which is mandatory for us to face.

If it turns out there are many employees who arrive late, leave early, or not signed, it is important for us to know why this happen.

How to improve employee attendance list

To improve employee attendance list so that they can be disciplined in working hours, there are some things we can do to improve such as

  1. Making employee understand the importance of discipline
    Ensure that our employees understand the importance of discipline and precision of the attendance list for the company, customers, and themselves
  2. Analyze employee attendance records
    Analyzing attendance records of employees in order to correctly identify the employee absence and presence of other trends such as were the employees always off on a certain day and so forth.
  3. Having a clear policy
    Give clear policies and procedures if there are employees who wish to request permission to not attend work as

    • Make direct contact to the part of the manager and tell why they can not attend or preach it to others to convey directly to the parties concerned.
    • Contact or preach in the absence of a specific time and a specific period. And so forth.
  4. Make employees aware of the consequences
    Give a consequence to employees who can not meet the company’s policy that has been created and has been approved by the company and its employees.
  5. Follow up with employees when they have returned to work.
    Follow up with employees face to face when they return to work and inquire about their health condition if they are not present due to illness or ask the reason for their absence directly.

In this respect, many solutions that can be used by companies to manage employee absences such as the use of the attendance machine integrated into the HRIS software. With so they can pull data in real time and can analyze not only the list of attendance but the various aspects related to human resources management.