Our Company Profile -Think Tank


Established in 2007, Think Tank is one of many promising business solution provider for small & medium business in Indonesia. We have many successful project solutions, by designing, implementing and managing technology solution that power and empower their business. With our business experience, combined with strong product and technical knowledge, our consultants will analyze your needs and requirements and design and develop a business solution that is reliable, efficient and works for your business.

Our Motto

Think Tank’s motto is to “together we make the differences”. We believe successful achievements only can be obtained and retained by mutual collaboration of groups that shares common goals and beliefs, with equal contributions and commitments. This has been our main secret recipe to achieve our successful engagements.

Think Tank

Our Mission

Think Tank’s mission is “to achieve highest level clients’ satisfaction by creating efficiencies and producing quality deliverables in timely manners”. Its main purpose is to make everything much easier through leveraging best and proven technologies. Think Tank intends to provide solutions that are not only inspiring, but further than that, makes everyday business operation much more efficient. Our customer’s satisfaction is our proud and our goal. We firmly believe from only that we can shape our success journey in IT industry.

Our Vision

Think Tank’s vision is “to be a trend setter in IT business solutions”. It has been our dreams and passions to contribute our experience, expertise and knowledge into business solutions that can bring immediate impacts and results to our clients. We expect that every investment that our clients made on us bring value added returns from it.