Our Career

Our Career Benefits

Mentorship Program

Our Career Think Tank – When you began your career with us, you would be assigned with a mentor where he/she can help you to transition to your new position.

Comittment to Sucess

At Think Tank, we have high comittment on our efforts on our resource sucess stories. We believe only from our resrouces success that we can bring competitive edge to our clients

Working with the best

On each of our projects, our daily interaction is always with our client top managements. From them, we are able to learn and grow because we have learnt and exposed to top working environments.

Professional Trainings

At Think Tank, we have high comittment on our resource skill development through both in house and external profesional trainings.

Clear Career Path

When you started your career with us, you have a clear career path from bottom to top.

Variation working experience

We always supports for our resources to groom and find their suitable career path. We help them to prepare the skillset that they need during transitioning between positions.

Excellent Experience

What we do to our resources and what we prepare them with have shown how much they gain from working with our team

Performance Evaluation

On everything what we do, we always measures them on how many different factors and criteria in order to see how much better or how do we improve on delivering our services.

Fun Atmospheres

At Think Tank, we always keep balance between our works and fun activities. We always keep our fun events activities on what we do while still keep our quality works for our clients.

Functional Team

Functional consultants require to fully understand product solutions very well on business proses aspect. Functional consultants evaluate the demands in brainstorming with the clients’s key personnels, transforms the essence into business requirements. Hence, he or she identifies the use cases and transforms them into system configurations and technical developments to fulfill all business requirements.

Technical Team

Technical consultants require to fully understand product solutions very well on technical aspect. He or she needs to understand application’s architectures, so he or she can utilize the application framework to make all adjustments needed to met client business requirements.

Sales Team

This team is also quite often called as presales team. On this area, consultants are also expected to know all products features in higher level. He or she need to have some experience and exposure to the product solutions or similar products. On this team, one of the main focus is finding prospectus clients who are on the market for this product solutions.

R&D Team

At Think Tank, there are several unit between this team. On this units, this team constinously doing solution research for all of our team on finding best solutions for our service delivery team while still keeping high quality working solutions. We assemble this team with a group of people who has expertise, experience, knowledge and passion on our product solutions.

Our Winning Team


Functional Team

Acumatica is cloud ERP software solution for your medium to up business that helps you unlock your business potential.


Technical Team

Integra is ERP software solution for your small to mid business that helps you to run and manage your daily business operation efficiently.


Sales Team

PeopleSource is cloud HRIS software solution for your small to high business that helps you manage your company resources from recruitment, resource development, performance evaluation, etc.