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Systems enterprise resource planning (ERP by its acronym, enterprise resource planning) are management information systems that integrate and manage many of the businesses associated with the operations of production and distribution aspects of a company in the production of goods or services. Enterprise Resource Planning is a term derived from manufacturing resource planning (MRPII) and followed by material requirements planning (MRP); however the ERP have evolved towards subscription models using the service (SaaS, cloud computing).

ERP systems typically handle the manufacturing, logistics, distribution, inventory, shipping, billing and accounting for the company in a modular way. However, the enterprise resource planning or ERP software can intervene in the control of many business activities such as sales, deliveries, payments, production, inventory management, quality management and human resource management. You have a system that does not have electronic invoicing (CFDs)?

We can communicate our billing system to your current system, thus can generate your electronic invoices to generate their accounting entries for direct to its current system of accounting / finance income. Integra ERP® consultants have extensive experience in developing projects to improve processes and a structured methodology for the implementation of our software, which guarantees our customers to optimize their workflows. Integra ERP is IT business solution that is specifically created and designed to accommodate daily business operation for most companies to manage their finances, inventories, sales, purchases and many others. Integra ERP solutions are break down into two different suites such as: Distribution and Manufacturing Suite.

Reasons To Choose Acumatica For Erp

Accounting Suite

This solution suite to handle all activities for accounting & finance, such as: general ledger, bank, etc.

Distribution Suite

This solution suite to handle distribution activities, such as: inventory, sales order and purchasing order.

Manufacturing Suite

This solution suite to handle all related to manufacturing activites, from bill of material, material request and production schedules.

Mobile Suite

Mobile solution suite is the extention suite that dedicate to do most warehouse activities, from stock take, shipment, purchase receipt, etc.

Product Highlights

User Friendly Features

Easy navigation pane that allow users to open multiple screens within many modules.

Ready Solution For Distributor & Manufacturing

Module solution ready for distribution and manufacturing companies.

Customizable Solutions

Solid application architecture. Framework that is easy to be used to make modification.

Add-on Mobile Barcode

Integra ERP has an add on solution on mobile device for the warehouse user to use barcode solution.

Easy to Use

Consitency across all transaction, so help users to understand how to use the application.

Solid Security Management

Comprehensive security module that allow users to configures user access based on their job description.

Product Detail

Application Screen

Please make sure to stop by our application screen galery to see how Integra ERP has been designed.

End User License

We are giving away this application for FREE for company to use our software. Please make sure to contact us regarding the term and condition for this program.

Application Features

On this page, we prove detail information regarding Integra ERP product features.

While Label Licensing

If you are IT company would like to own this program as one of your own product, please make sure contact us for this program.

What Integra ERP Can Offer For Your Business


Free License

Acumatica is cloud Enterprise Resource Planning software solution for your medium to up business that helps you unlock your business potential.


Software Licensing Program

Integra is ERP software solution for your small to mid business that helps you to run and manage your daily business operation efficiently.


Detail Features

PeopleSource is cloud HRIS software solution for your small to high business that helps you manage your company resources from recruitment, resource development, performance evaluation, etc.

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