HRIS Role – The Effectiveness and Efficiency of Employee Attendance

Attendance is an activity that can not be separated from HRD. It is strongly associated with the presence of permits and overtime where HR should be able to process such data for the better of the company.

In any company, the attendance data is an important factor to support the performance of a company. Attendance is also one important factor to measure the KPI (Key Performance Indicators) where the KPI has a big influence on the achievements and performance of employees at the company. But of course the presence of the employee is not the only work patterns of employees that need more attention.

employee attendance

The difficultness to set the pattern of employees who have vary work patterns according to the operational needs of the company can be a challenge for HRD. Even so, a good HR must be able to regulate and ensure the accuracy of the data of the employees that will be given to the company.

Along with the calculation of overtime that has a lot of rules, whether the rules of government and the rules set by the company. HRD should be able to maximize the accuracy of the data with real events in the corporate environment and be able to implement the policy of the company for the right target and walk accordingly.

In this case the application will greatly assist HRIS HR to maximize the accuracy of the data and reports required by the company.

  1. How many errors that occur when you calculating the leave and attendance by manual?
  2. There is a difference in value between the SPL (Warrant Overtime) with overtime hours employees?
  3. So it is difficult to ask for the signature of the employer for filing the SPL?
  4. It is hard to set the pattern of employees should follow the hours of operation?

Has this question come to your mind? Or maybe now you’re thinking of these questions?

With Haermes HRIS application, you can find a solution that can minimize the incident and were able to optimize the performance of employees at your company.

Haermes has Employe Management module where the system is able to organize and process data automatically and accurately and to be able to follow the pattern of the employee and the dynamic changes in order to support the advancement of the company’s business.

Moreover, Haermes software also can be integrated in a wide range and type of attendance machine so as to simplify and speed up the work the human resources department of the company.

Whatever type as well as the criterion of business you have, Haermes will be able to answer all your questions related to Human Resource Management and present into a report with a view that you can customize to suit your need.