6 Problems On Manufacturing Company With The Solution

As you already know, Manufacturing Company is a company whose activities are processing raw materials into a ready-made products which are then sold for profit. The process of changing raw materials into finished products, known as the production process.

In this case, the manufacturer must have had a lot of the production process used whereby if the process is not managed properly will be very vatal in the smooth running of their businesses.

manufacture company

Especially for a large manufacturing company, the production process they could have a much more complex or complicated. This causes any manufacturing company requires a system that can help organize and simplify their business processes and their production processes so as to develop the potential or opportunities that they have.

The problem often faced by the manufacturing company

With so many business processes as well as production processes owned by each manufacturer will certainly provide a wide range of issues that inevitably must be faced as

  1. The difficulty in estimating the availability of merchandise according to customer demand
  2. Difficulties to ensure the availability of materials for production
  3. The difficulty of determining the production schedule is very dense
  4. Difficulty to maintain or manage the production capacity
  5. Difficult to obtain information about the cost and time for production processes in real time
  6. Trouble to do a quick audit on inventory based on batch / serial number

This is why the company is in need of a reliable information system such as SAP Business One that can provide solutions to them to be able to face these problems.

SAP Business One – Enterprise Solutions Manufacturing

Modules that are owned by SAP Business One will answer all questions you have. Let’s see how SAP Business One can be overcome to six issues.

  1. MRP Production
    This module provides a solution for you to be able to calculate the needs of the merchandise to be produced based on various factors such as customer orders, sales forecast, production lead time and so forth.
  2. MRP Purchasing
    This module can provide a solution to calculate material requirements on various factors such as lead time purchase, inventory in warehouse and others.
  3. Advance Production Schedule
    With the support of APS (Advanced Production Schedule), you can perform planning production schedules based on priority and production capacity.
  4. Resource Capacity
    This module can provide the information you need regarding resource availability, which also affect the production schedule.
  5. Production Routing
    This function you can use to obtain more detailed information regarding the cost of production for each process that is owned by your company.
  6. Batch / Serial Number Tracing
    With this function, your company can quickly know the batch / serial number that is used to make the finished product.

By using SAP Business One, you can not only simplify the process of business or production process you have, SAP Business One also can provide a solution for any of your problems.