4 Stages of Business Process To Control Manufacturing Company

The manufacturing company is a company whose activity is to make a product from raw materials into a finished material. And for manufacturing companies, create and manage the production process in the production control (Production Control) is very important because this production process contains a series of procedures that govern all matters relating to the production in the manufacturing enterprise business process.

business process

The purpose of the control of production (production control) is none other than to be able to lower production costs, minimize disruptions during production, and being able to use time more efficiently. In general, the business process at every manufacturing company requires 4 control stages when the company carries out production activities. The four stages are:

  1. Planning
    Control planning tools typically use a card in the form of material in which these cards serve as records pertaining to orders for goods to be produced. This material cards contains components of finished goods or boils that still need to be processed again.
  2. Routing
    Routing is an effort that determines the order or sequence of the production process from the entry of raw materials, equipment, and  production machinery used to finishing or final stages of production.
  3. Scheduling
    Scheduling is the schedule of when the production process can begin and the production process must be completed and submitted to the consumer. Scheduling is usually and rightfully made before production begins and is made in the form of Master Schedule, where this master schedule is then going into several more specific schedule.
  4. Dispatching
    Premises of business process at the manufacturing complex, dispatching is important and should be given more attention. Dispatching a warrant authorizing the activities of production. Various things contained in the dispatching of them is the design, size, and the raw materials used, such as what goods are made and how many, machinery, equipment used, officers or employees who work on, and so forth.

By doing all four of these stages will greatly simplify the production process in its tracks manufacturing companies. Moreover, if in the added advantage of technological developments which currently has available a software like ERP software that can help us to expedite and facilitate the work of the various aspects of the company such as Financial, Distribution, Manufacture, and so forth