How To Choose The Right Financial Accounting Software For You

If we talk about financial management or commonly known as accounting, then what we have in mind of course about the numbers and also the calculations that are very complicated, right? Just imagine if you have to manage all the numbers and calculations manually, let alone to do it, just imagine it is already seems to give us a headache.

Fortunately with the help of technological developments, now has come a variety of solutions in the form of financial accounting software that certainly can facilitate us in managing these numbers and calculations. But the number of financial accounting software solutions that are present makes us must be careful in choosing financial accounting software that we want to use.

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For that, here are some tips that you can use so you can choose the right financial accounting software that not only can help you in managing finances but also can help you in growing your business.

Tip # 1 – Meets the standard of financial statements

As a financial accounting software, it is appropriate that the software is able to provide a financial report that has met the standards. It is therefore important for you to ensure that your preferred financial accounting software features the right financial statements and suits your business needs.

Tip # 2 – Meet the needs of tax transactions

Not only able to meet the standards of financial statements, financial accounting software must also be able to manage tax transactions such as calculating VAT, printing tax invoices, cut PPh and so forth.

Tip # 3 – User friendly

The user friendly meant here is easy to use. The more user friendly a software can be, the user will be more comfortable in using the software. The more comfortable you use the software, the more results you can get.

Tip # 4 – Use the latest technology

Financial accounting software that you want to use should have the latest technology that is now popular in the market. By using software with the latest technology, at least you can use the software for the long term at least up to 5 years ahead.

Tip # 5 – Easy to customize

The fifth tips in choosing the right financial accounting software is easy to customize. Each company has a unique business process and is certainly different from other companies. Therefore, good financial accounting software should be able to easily customize their software to be able to accommodate and meet any existing business needs.

One of the software that can meet the above criteria is Acumatica Cloud ERP

What is Acumatica Cloud ERP

Acumatica Cloud ERP is an accounting software that can unlock your business potential and drive business growth. Created using the best cloud and mobile technology systems and supported by a variety of features, Acumatica will become a powerful software that will greatly assist you in managing your business.

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Why Acumatica?

Acumatica Cloud ERP understands that financial accounting is a vital part of business. Therefore Acumatica provides integrated features with accounting elements such as general ledger, payable account, receivable account, sales order management, purchase order management and inventory management.

Benefits of using Acumatica Cloud ERP

Automatic working process

Since each calculation is handled by the software, Acumatica Cloud ERP eliminates the time-consuming process associated with accounting calculations.


Acumatica Cloud ERP is designed to deliver complete and accurate details. When data goes into the system, all calculations are automatically resolved by the software.


Because the resulting calculations are very accurate, the report data generated by Acumatica Cloud ERP has a high reliability.


As the business grows, the number of transactions and accounting processes not only increases but also becomes more complicated. With Acumatica Cloud ERP, everything can be solved easily because sorting data using software is easier than having to sort a set of files manually.

Real time reports

With Acumatica Cloud ERP you can get your business reports in real time whenever you need. No more waiting weeks to see how well your business is performing.

Using the right financial accounting software will greatly assist you in running, managing and developing your business. So what are you waiting for? Make sure you use the right software to meet all your business needs.

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