3 Important Aspects in Production Management Implementation

In the business world, management is an important factor that we should give more attention. Because by applying a management, we will be able to organize, manage and control many aspects of the company more easily. One management ought to be given more attention is the management production.


As we all know, the management is a planning, deployment and supervision of the various efforts made to achieve goals or targets that have been set. While the production has a meaning of use or utilization of the resources both natural or human resources in order to create a product or service that can be offered to consumers.

In other words, production management is an attempt to organize or coordinate production activity in order to produce quality and standards product in accordance with a company in time and a predetermined amount.

3 Important Aspects of Production Management

In production management, it is very important for us to produce a product that can meet the standards of a business or company. In production management, there are some important aspects that must be done in order to truly produce a good quality product in the form of goods or services.

  1. Production Planning
    This is done with the aim of holding systematic preparation for the production process that will be run. As for some of the elements discussed at the current stage of this plan include:

    • The type of goods manufactured
    • Quality goods
    • The amount of goods
    • Raw material
    • And production control
  1. Production Control
    The purpose of production control is to develop work processes that need to be done so that the production process can be run effectively and efficiently. The activities performed on the stages of production control included:

    • Planning working process
    • Creating a work scheduling
    • And determine the target marketing of products
  1. Production Supervision
    After planning and work processes have been arranged, then the next stage is to supervise the production process running in order to deliver results in accordance with what is expected. The activities at this stage include:

    • Establish quality
    • Setting the standard of goods or services
    • Ensuring the implementation of timely production

These three aspects can be done easily and optimally with the help of an ERP software such as Acumatica Cloud ERP that has a complete module for you to handle the production process in order to produce a quality product.