Every successful business always starts from small businesses that evolved into a large enterprise over time. The first step in the development will be a lesson for business owners to build expertise on the financial statements so that they can lead their company’s financial.

financial statements

Although it would be very time consuming to understand what their financial statements should be, but it will be very necessary to do. Errors are common, but you can avoid the mess by knowing things that might go wrong in your business accounting as follows Read more

It’s not your fault if your business have a problem. Moreover, you are not alone, many people out there who have the same business problem as you. When you first start a business, we do not just put the credit and debit as our first priority. Moreover, keeping records is not your expertise. But even so, ignoring the management report will bring you into the complex accounting issues.

Of the various accounting issues in business, many says “I wish I knew how many common accounting problems, so this may not happen”. But sometimes, some are already aware of the problem but they did not immediately deal with it. The reason is “I do not have time for it” or “I do not know how to handle it”

accounting issues

That’s why we’ll try a bit to discuss some accounting issues that are common in the business world. Read more

In the business world, we will certainly always get problems that must always can be handled. Especially with the development of the business world that was rapidly today, it certainly will emerge new problems involving virtually every aspect of business that we have.


Moreover, a company engaged in manufacturing, which is almost always experience problems. Moreover, the signs of movement, as well as business growth today has brought a new package of problems and obstacles for the business world. Read more

Why does a company really needs to implement an ERP system in their company? Of course, to get a transparency of data about how the performance of companies which they manage. With the transparency of this data, we can control the income that can be run in accordance with the annual plan that has been targeted.

Therefore, many companies who want to develop start implementing ERP system into their company. And one of the ERP system which has been much in use today is SAP Business One.

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Lot and serial number management is very important in the inventory management, especially for the industry engaged in the field of medicine and food. Even the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has determined the application of the use of lots in inventory management with regard to product quality standards and search history in America.

lot and serial number

Afterwards, several companies outside the industry of medicine and food are starting to realize the benefits of application of the system of lot and serial number of this as an effort to improve quality, provide inventory information that is more accurate and improve customer satisfaction so now they began to apply management lot and serial number in their business operations. Read more

Whatever the business activity and how much business we have, in the end we will only want to know one thing, “how much profit is already in the can?”

Let alone to determine benefits in the can, to manage and run the company alone is very complicated, and what if we have more than one company (multi-company)?


Although in the shadow we can do it, but in practice, of course we will be faced by a wide range of obstacles that make us lost focus and will ultimately disrupt all existing business processes. Read more

Has it occurred by the company you are working with has an employee history that can be used as a reference or guidelines in the development of human resources at the company?

For the HRD team (Human Resource Department), this employee history is very necessary to be noticed. Why? Because it is very influential on the implementation of human resource development in a company. Examples such as the provision of training or training modules to improve employee performance.

employee history

For this reason, consideration for the existence of employee history is needed for the company to see whether the employee is suitable for the transfer to another section or division that is suitable and appropriate for their employees capabilities. Read more

Fixed asset management is one thing that is common and exist in nearly all types of enterprises. Fixed Asset is a tangible asset owned by the company for use in the production purposes, or in the rental inventory to other parties.

In this case, asset tracking has become very important for any company, either small or large enterprises. Typically, fixed assets are defined as objects of “permanent” is used internally the company (not for sale), including but not limited to machinery, buildings, vehicles, computers and so forth.

fixed-assets Read more

Build a business project is not an easy task, it requires numerous calculations and careful consideration so that all processes can run well and in accordance with what we expected.

Every detail planning of the project to be built should be kept. Especially in terms of accounting where accounting is what will be in control of your project to be built.

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In various management theories that exist today, there is said that the scenario of development of good business strategy must be in line with existing information technology. In line mentioned here means that, the level of strategic and operational activities, technological development should be included within the framework of the company’s business development architecture.


According to Eberhardt Rechtin, an architecture implies a business as a merger between three component among others: organization, process and technology. For a small company, the existing business architecture is a very simple one, so it does not require special effort to define and understand the business processes that are owned. Read more