Fixed asset management is one thing that is common and exist in nearly all types of enterprises. Fixed Asset is a tangible asset owned by the company for use in the production purposes, or in the rental inventory to other parties.

In this case, asset tracking has become very important for any company, either small or large enterprises. Typically, fixed assets are defined as objects of “permanent” is used internally the company (not for sale), including but not limited to machinery, buildings, vehicles, computers and so forth.

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Build a business project is not an easy task, it requires numerous calculations and careful consideration so that all processes can run well and in accordance with what we expected.

Every detail planning of the project to be built should be kept. Especially in terms of accounting where accounting is what will be in control of your project to be built.

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In various management theories that exist today, there is said that the scenario of development of good business strategy must be in line with existing information technology. In line mentioned here means that, the level of strategic and operational activities, technological development should be included within the framework of the company’s business development architecture.


According to Eberhardt Rechtin, an architecture implies a business as a merger between three component among others: organization, process and technology. For a small company, the existing business architecture is a very simple one, so it does not require special effort to define and understand the business processes that are owned. Read more

The success of an implementation of the system is dependent on the readiness of the company, the users involved in it, the system to be implemented and also consultant that assist in the implementation process.

One thing you need to know, is that the process of implementing a system is an important stage in the process of replacing a system in the company. But before we implement the ERP system to our business, the first thing to note of course is to choose a suitable ERP applications with business processes as desired.

implementation SAP

One ERP applications that you can make is the selection of SAP Business One application where this is one of the most common software used by many companies because it has modules that cover all aspects of the business. Read more

In an age of growing, there are still many companies are still using the traditional manual method in calculating the salary or wages of employees. Although this method is not wrong, but it is very time-consuming, energy and mind in the process. This resulted in the HR department has to work overtime so that their work can be completed on time and with a cut-off that has been specified.


In addition, the process is inefficient and time-consuming, there are other problems that commonly occur if the work is done manually as one of inputting errors or other problems commonly caused by human error.

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Every organization or company either private or government certainly has both tangible or intangible assets. Each one of these assets should be managed by both effectively and efficiently so that these assets can also be beneficial for the company.

To manage assets, there are many ways that can be used. But thanks to technological developments, now present a form of software technology that is useful to facilitate us in managing the company’s assets.

fixed assets management

One of this software is Acumatica Cloud ERP that has Fixed Asset Management module that is capable of providing complete visibility on the assets and the calculation of depreciation in the company. Read more

As business owner, we should be able to make a business decision that can bring us to a better direction. For that, surely we will require the presence of a data showing the progress or developments in the company.

Therefore, ERP systems have a very important role for a cycle in the company. Good ERP system can provide data in real time and accurate. But with growing competition , it is certainly not enough.


But thanks to the help of the technology development, a mobile application solution emerges that allows us not only can view data in real time and accurate, but we can also use it whenever and wherever we are. Read more

Training the company’s workforce is an attempt being made to improve the quality of the performance of each employee contained in an organization. Because it’s not a secret anymore that, the human resources in an organization or company is one of the very important asset they have.

In the working environment, we often hear the term training. Here are some benefits that can be obtained if the company is willing and able to provide training for its human resources.


Training of human resources is a very necessary act for all kinds of companies. Because by doing training, we will be able to allow employees to develop job competence they possessed. In addition, they can also get new skills, be able to learn about innovation related to work, increase productivity and so forth. Read more

In every company there are always human resources that support in various business processes. And of the many employees, they have the potential employees are different from one another. And to be able to discover and map out the potential that is the challenge for the company.

potential employees

In its management, the company usually makes a special department tasked with monitoring, control and develop the human resources of the company. But unfortunately it is not enough. There are still many companies that have not really understand how to identify, develop and retain potential employees they have. Read more

Sometimes we do not know what to do to be able to run the business well. Various problems come up that make us lose direction will the business targets we have set. But that does not mean there is nothing we can do to promote and develop the business.

bussiness strategy

Many things that we can find and do in order to realize the success that we have long dreamed of. But one thing is for sure, all these things require a careful planning.

In business, a strategy is very important. Because the business strategy is the key to success that will help us in many ways. Read more