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ERP System represents a serious investment for any organization, but is absolutely vital to success in manufacturing. The ERP selection process should be regarded as a top priority, with appropriate time and resources devoted to it. Why? It is mainly because the whole operation process from processing orders, scheduling production, preparing material, coordinating with other parties and many others are too time consuming and impossible to be managed those manually. Success companies relies on systems to manage all of these and turn them into their competitive advantages on their customers. Read more

Warehouse administration system is a system of recording and control in detail about the entry of goods in a warehouse at the company. This system has a very important role for the continuity of the warehouse management process because this system is able to control the movement of goods so that we can know the amount of acceptance and expenditure of goods with a description of the quality and various attributes of goods available in a period.

warehouse administration system

The warehouse administration system takes care of various warehouse data such as ordering data of goods, inventory data, goods expenditure data and demand data even up to forecast demand data. Given these complex data, you will most certainly need the help of a warehouse management software to handle all the data in an integrated manner. Read more

online warehouse system

As you know the warehouse management system is a software that is able to simplify the various daily operations in warehouse management.

Every business whether online or offline requires an appropriate online warehouse system that can assist in managing their distribution channels. Good online warehouse system can always increase business revenue and support good business relationships with key stakeholders in businesses such as vendors, customers, investors, as well as internal teams. Read more

If we talk about financial management or commonly known as accounting, then what we have in mind of course about the numbers and also the calculations that are very complicated, right? Just imagine if you have to manage all the numbers and calculations manually, let alone to do it, just imagine it is already seems to give us a headache.

Fortunately with the help of technological developments, now has come a variety of solutions in the form of financial accounting software that certainly can facilitate us in managing these numbers and calculations. But the number of financial accounting software solutions that are present makes us must be careful in choosing financial accounting software that we want to use.

financial accounting software

For that, here are some tips that you can use so you can choose the right financial accounting software that not only can help you in managing finances but also can help you in growing your business. Read more

best financial software

Whether you are just starting out or already having a growing business, financial management is one of the aspects that we should pay more attention to. Because by knowing the financial movement in business we can know the circumstances and the performance generated by the business.

With the proper management and use of financial software, you will find it easy to manage your business. But the amount of financial software that is present in the market sometimes makes you confused in determining which financial software is best for your business.

Therefore, here are some lists of the best financial software that you can make the choice to manage and even to grow your business. Read more


As one of the most important business management, inventory management comes with a variety of issues that can arise from time to time if you are not able to manage them properly. Problems such as stunted transportation, supplier and manufacturing problems and false sales forecasts are a handful of the issues you will face.

But surely we want to avoid all those problems is not it? As successful business owners, of course we want a solution that can avoid, overcome and optimize inventory management.

Therefore the following 7 steps you can allow you for having optimal inventory management Read more

In order to maintain success in the supply chain, good inventory control is one of the important components in your business operations. I’m sure many of you have felt the ebb and flow of supplies with customer demand. Therefore, maintaining product control in the warehouse in real time ensures that the business decisions you make quickly yet strongly.

inventory control

Whatever your goal, whether it is to reduce operating costs or speed up the process so that products can quickly reach the hands of consumers, proper warehouse management can be the key to your business success.

Here are 3 benefits that inventory control can provide for your business: Read more

You have a fast growing business. But as you begin to feel tortured by manual work, you start automating your business processes one by one. Soon, your finance team has used its own accounting system, your warehouse team starts using a separate warehouse management system and a sales team using CRM.

Each of these systems does have a big role in simplifying business processes, but when you put it together, these systems can be a nightmare for your business. Why? Because each of these applications store data separately, making it difficult for you to match or process data owned by each system. Initially you want to be free from troublesome calculations and now you are given a new problem.

The solution? Of course by using integrated business solution.

solusi integrasi bisnis

With an integrated business system, you can solve these problem. Let’s look at some of the benefits you can get from integrated business solution for your business growth. Read more

warehouse software solution

When manufacturers do not have complete visibility of their own warehouses, they will face the problem of running out of stock products at an improper time or otherwise have excess stock products that cause depreciation of cash flow and increased spending.

In fact, the visibility in warehouse management is very important and should always be considered for all business processes to run properly and more efficiently.

Fortunately now has come a variety of solutions that can overcome the problems in warehouse management. These solutions are available to increase productivity and reduce wasted time by simplifying management processes. Read more

financial statement

For all professionals engaged in finance, it is actually very important to know how to analyze effectively the financial statements on the company. In this case, you need to know and understand the 3 key areas:

  1. The structure of the financial statements
  2. The economic characteristics of the industry in which the company operates, and
  3. The strategies that companies use to differentiate them from competitors

For those of you who want to know how to make an effective financial analysis, here are 5 steps you can use: Read more