Most companies fail to be able to drive their business growth caused by several things. But if generalized, all such failures are a factor of their financial management failure.

business fail

They failed to implement an effective and efficient financial management system that resulted in continuous losses to their business. You need to note and understand well that mistakes in managing finances will only cause havoc no matter the size or size of the business you manage. Read more

Warehouses of various types and sizes from various industries can all benefit significantly from improving information management throughout your production process. But to maximize production efficiency, you will need a warehouse management system (WMS).

warehouse management

As an effort to helping you streamline your warehouse operations, here we have 5 tips that can help you in improving the accuracy of warehouse management.

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Now almost all of the ERP software we have encountered already using web based technology due to having advantages beyond traditional ERP software or ERP software installed on your computer.

web based erp

For medium to upper business, the use of ERP software will help you in simplifying and automating your business processes. Web-based ERP software offers you real time information on each department such as financial, human resources, warehouse, purchases, sales, accounting, and so on. Therefore, web based ERP is able to increase the higher productivity to your business. Read more

For most people, running a business may look simple and easy that they assume everyone can easily did it. They may be right but even though everyone can do a business doesn’t mean they all can be success. That’s a fact. Not everyone can be success on running business as anyone else. So, do you still think running a business is easy?

goods management method

There are many things to note especialy in managing inventory. In this case, handling strategicaly and systematically will be needed especialy in managing inventory. Accuracy in knowing durability (expired date) is really needed in stock management. you must be want to avoid goods that has been broke for being too long in a storage. Read more

Do you know what is dead stock? Dead stock is a product in a warehouse that is not moving or in other words unsold. For those who do not use the warehouse management software, the dead stock will remain available in the warehouse and become a useless item.

dead stock management

Dead stocks can not finance your business; instead, they will cost and eat storage space that can be used for storing more products. Read more

In short, a warehouse management system or commonly known as WMS (Warehouse Management System) is software and also a process that allows companies to organize and administer warehouse operations from the time the goods come in to exit or move.

warehouse system management

The warehouse management system can provide clear visibility to you whenever and wherever you need. In addition, the system can also manage various supply chain operations. Read more

Accounting is an activity of measuring, elaborating, or providing certainty about the information of a company or entity’s activities into an accurate financial report to be utilized by managers, policy makers, entrepreneurs, businessmen and other interested parties such as shareholders, creditors, investors, tax authorities and government agencies.


In another sense, accounting can be said as a language used in providing financial information to a business recorded, classified, summarized, interpreted and communicated, in the form of financial data that will be used as a supporter of business decision making. Read more

Assets are resources or assets owned by an entity, derived from past events and are expected to provide benefits in the future.

There are several kinds of assets in a company, one of them Fixed Asset or Fixed Assets.


Fixed Assets or Fixed Assets are assets that have a long useful life or permanent, have a form of existence and used by the company as part of the company’s operations and not for sale.

Examples: Land, Building or Building, Machinery, Vehicles and Equipment. Read more

At a glance it may seem that all accounting software is the same. They both offer accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, billing and other standard components we usually find in an accounting software.


But besides all that, there are many other features that accounting software has that includes various functions and services. Even some of these features are necessary. Let’s see what those features are. Read more