As an entrepreneur, we must know that there will be a lot of struggles that we must face. Because whatever the shape and type of business that is on the run, of course there will always be obstacles in towards the ladder of success.

In the development of the business in which we live, we can not single-handly pioneered the business. After all, to be able to achieve the success ladder we will always need the help of another person to be success.

employee management

Here, the role of an employee in the business. By having an employee, we can be a bit stepped up toward success. But just by having an employee alone is certainly not enough. We also must ensure that the employee is capable of doing their job well so as to encourage the progress of the company. Read more

The manufacturing company is a company whose activity is to make a product from raw materials into a finished material. And for manufacturing companies, create and manage the production process in the production control (Production Control) is very important because this production process contains a series of procedures that govern all matters relating to the production in the manufacturing enterprise business process.

business process

The purpose of the control of production (production control) is none other than to be able to lower production costs, minimize disruptions during production, and being able to use time more efficiently. In general, the business process at every manufacturing company requires 4 control stages when the company carries out production activities. The four stages are: Read more

Employees are one of the most important resources that should be developed by each company. Because employees is one of the important resources that exist in every company. Without the development of the resources, the company will not be able to develop even have difficulty in dealing with the rigors of the business world movement that exists today.

Most companies provide a special section whose activities are focused in handling or managing the human resources that exist in the company. These parts are now well-known HRD.

HRD team had activities related to the management or employees of such attendance management, payroll, hours of work, and so forth.

employee managementDifficult to set the pattern for employees who have changing work patterns that are tailored to the operational needs of the company can be a challenge for the HR team. Even so, a good HR must always be able to manage and ensure data accuracy employees.
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By understanding the advantages that we can get by using an ERP system, we would be wanting to take part in implementing the system into a business that we have. Because it can not be denied that the modules owned by the ERP system make this system to be one of the necessities that are needed by the company so the company can develop well.

erp consultant

Generally, the process will involve the implementation of a consultant who is already having expertise and experience in the implementation of this ERP system. ERP consultants in the world, there are two different types of roles so that the process of implementing ERP systems can work well namely Functional and Technical Consultant. Read more

As a businessman who owns a company and want to be growing, the company would need to have the ability to look at various opportunities and developments in the business market. It is the key so that all goals, targets of the company can be reached.

Then how are we to be able to see the opportunities and developments?

business opportunity

In the face of a very dynamic market movement today, there are three fundamental questions we need to answer in order to see the opportunity and the growth in the business market, namely: Read more

Broadly speaking, we are know what is ERP software and its functions for our business. But do we really know how this erp system actually can help us in developing the business?

As we all know, ERP software has various modules and features that can help us to automate the business processes associated with various aspects of the operation of our business such as, production, or distribution.

erp modules

In this case, the ERP system can be said to be a management tool that is useful for balancing supply and demand for the company as a whole, adopting business processes, and integrate all functional parts companies such as sales, marketing, manufacturing, operations, logistics, purchasing, finance, new product development, and human resources. Read more

As a businessman, of course, we want a business that can grow effectively and efficiently. In addition, we also want us to be able to continuously monitor the growth whenever and wherever we want.

It is not impossible. Thanks to the development of technology that exists today, there is now a software which can be a solution as well as answers to the questions and problems that are owned by your business known as ERP software.

ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning) is an information system designed specifically to be able to coordinate a variety of resources, information and activities contained in an enterprise.

erp software

With this ERP software, we can integrate the various departments and functions held good company sales department, purchasing, production, finance, human resources, or so forth into one system.

Today, ERP software has grown back by using cloud technology so that we can access the software whenever and wherever we are. One ERP software that also uses cloud technology are Acumatica Cloud ERP. Read more

For a company that wants its business to be able to grow and more advanced, the efficiency in performing a business process is a necessity in an era of tight business competition today. Besides being able to facilitate the execution of business processes, efficiencies can also make the company become more competitive and can save or minimize the company cost.

Expenses or cost savings in a company is one thing that is important in managing business processes that are running. Besides being able to maximize the benefits that can be obtained, it can also prevent the occurrence of expenses wasted.

inputting payroll

In this case, there are some parts that are normally the cause of the excessive expenditure or waste which needs to be reduced where one of the causes of such wastage occurs during the process of inputting payroll.

The number of parts as well as payroll forms are definitely different from each company to make these activities into activities that are quite time consuming and labor intensive. Especially when the accounts cut off or leave to be determined at the time of payroll giving rise to inefficiency in the process of inputting payroll. Read more

Regardless of the size of the company, the HR department (Human Resource) has a very important role in managing the welfare of employees in meeting all the needs that they have.

With the growing size of the existing workforce, the greater the need for the company to obtain accurate record to help the HR department in keeping records of complete and up-to-date for each employee in a company. In this case, investing in software or HR software is the ideal solution.

hris software

We understand that a system of HR (Human Resource) is a system that have been built and starts with a good employee management. That is why the majority of HR as Haermes HRIS software is built with a very strong foundation complemented with features that can help the HR department and management in analyzing, tracking, and even in-depth configuration for each employee in the company. Read more

In the business world, you must have heard the term distribution where this distribution activity is an activity which is very beneficial for the economic sector of a company. According to experts, the distribution activity is an activity of distribution of goods or services made from producers who then spread wide to consumers.

Distribution activity can also be interpreted as marketing activities so as to expedite and facilitate the delivery of goods from manufacturer to consumer hands. Despite the fact that not all the goods produced by manufacturers distributors must pass through before finally reaches the consumer, but in today’s modern economy such distribution activities hold a very important role.

distribution activities

Especially with the development of transportation resulting in this distribution activities into activities that are more important than what you could imagine. Read more