Ages change so fast is something that can not be avoided by any organization. Whether it’s business organizations, public organizations or social organizations. This leads to very intense competition in almost every field. We as a businessman must have also felt the effects of this competition.

The only way we can win this competition, every company in charge has to be able to continue to adapt and innovate in order to maintain and develop the business that they run.

human resource

In a company, there are many resources that can help us do that. And one of these resources is human resources or in other words, employees working in the company.

Knowing this, it is important for us to begin to pay more attention to this resources. Read more

Each company has always had a wide range of activities where these activities will affect the performance of the company.

One such activity is the activities that commonly called the transaction. We need to know, the transaction is an activity of the company that are related to and influence on a company’s financial position.


These transactions can be encountered in every aspect of the company. Examples of such transactions are sale and purchase transactions, payroll, or pay for a wide variety of other charges. Read more

For a company, creating or developing a products that can be sold or offered to consumers and taking benefit from the products sold or offered is something we want. In fact, that is the entire purpose of the company

We need to know, the product is not the only form of goods. The definition of product is something that is sold or offered by sellers to meet consumer needs. That something is not always in the form of goods. Services can also be referred to as a product. And of course, we must want the product quality that we have always been and always will be marketable.


As a company that wants to develop in today’s business competition, we should always be able to innovate in creating a product that is able to maintain the company’s existence in the world of marketing. Read more

Enterprise Resource Planning is a software package that is capable of changing the way companies manage back-office into a more positive direction that allows the company to improve the planning, implementation, management and control of business processes at various levels.


Additionally, ERP software is able to manage and integrate the core areas of our business such as manufacturing, distribution, financial and human resources so well that this software is becoming one of the favorite business software that has been widely used by many companies. Read more

As the owner of a company, there are some important things that we should always consider with respect to any kind of operational we have.

Running a business or company can force us to pay attention to various aspects so that the company can continue to run smoothly without any hitch. One of these aspects is the financial aspect. Because this aspect plays an important role in the smooth running of various other aspects including aspects of employee payroll.


As the owner of the company, it is important for us to know in detail about the salaries that are owned by each employee that working in the company. It is therefore important for us to be able to make payroll structure very well. Read more

Management inventory is a management that control of any products or goods that are traded in the company daily operation .

For a company, especially manufacturing, inventory management business will be a very important factor because it will determine the size of the investment that will be planted in the manufacture of inventory in order to become more effective inventory management.


In addition, with inventory management, thanks to a variety of important functions possessed by our inventory management can improve the company’s operational efficiency levels. Read more

Accounting often referred to as the “language of business” because of his role which has effect almost on every aspect of the company. Accounting has an important role in presenting the information required to evaluate the financial companies to business owners, managers and investors.

In fact the purpose of accounting is to assist them in making a better business decisions by providing them with financial information of the company. Because after all, a benchmark of success of the company in the value of the financial statements that are owned.


We also ought to know that it is impossible to run a business or make a business decision in the absence of accurate financial statements. And this is where the role of the accounting for the business. Read more

The use of the ERP system will indeed greatly assist us in optimizing work processes at the company. But it will only happen if we really know how to use the software properly.

As we all know, ERP is a business software that can integrate the various aspects of the business so that we can analyze and monitor the company’s performance in just one software.


But if we are not able to make use of this software well, of course, the implementation of this ERP software will be worth – nothing. Do not think that the use of ERP software just a software installation and we just need to follow the process in accordance with the instructions or directives contained in the user manual. Because the real use of ERP software go far beyond that. Read more

In the business world, a system and process is an important pillar for the company. Every aspect of our business contained in warehouses, offices, and so forth are part of the system that can be managed and developed by applying the right principle.

business systems

When we begin to apply the principle or the practice, that’s what we call a business system. So, business system is a system that made or specially designed to incorporate all aspects of the business into a single unit to the achievement of business strategy.

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In the business world, we recognize the various forms of business processes in which one of the business process is the process of distribution. As we know well, the distribution process is a process of distribution of goods / services from producers to consumers.

In its activities, the distribution process here is not only act as a supplier of goods, the distribution process also has other roles such as help flatten the yield, increase the value to the goods, help to expedite the process of production, and also help meet the needs of society.

business process

Distribution activities are very influential and dependent on the quantity or number of items contained in the warehouse. Because if the quantity possessed by the warehouse insufficient or less than the amount of the order, then the process of distribution of goods can be run more than once or it could be the rest of the delivery unsent canceled. Although it depends on the agreement between producers and consumers but still it will negatively impact the company. Read more