Ever heard the term of office automation? According to the understanding, office automation is the use of system information to facilitate the communication of formally or informally that aims to improve productivity of a company.

Along with the development of the technology, the era of office automation with the use of computers for offices began to circulate.

office automation

Basically, office automation system is defined as a communication technology-based information systems that can collect, store, process, and distribute messages, documents or other electronic communications between individuals in the office. Read more

According to it’s definition, database is a collection of various data stored systematically in the computer that we can manage or manipulate by using a program to produce various types of information.

Database is a very important aspect in the modern world as it is today. In an information system, the database is a repository of data that can later be processed further.

information Systems

Nowadays, almost all aspects of the company either small, medium or large companies already started to exploit and begin to use an information system to assist their business operations.

For middle-class companies up to large enterprises, they usually use a database-based application that can simplify the search, management and utilization of information that their held. Read more

Having employees who are qualified and able to work in a professional manner is highly desired by every company. They realize that if they want to reach the pinnacle of a success, they must have a solid internal team. In this case, the internal team in question is its employees.

The key to the success of a company lies in various factors. But one factor that greatly contributed to its success lies in the quality of performance management applied to the company.


In essence, performance management is a process used by the company in identifying, measuring, evaluating, designing, and improve the performance of which is owned by each employee in a company.

Although performance management is not a solution that can solve all the problems in the company, but the presence of performance management is very important and should not be underestimated since performance management is an important step that must be passed if the company wants to achieve success. Read more

There are many factors that influence the success of a company. One of them is the factor of human resources. That’s why the company should be able to manage these resources optimally so that they can deliver performance to meet companies expectations.

hris software

To be able to manage human resources, there are many solutions that can be used. One of these solution is to use a system or also known as software HRIS (Human Resource Information System). Read more

In many ways, the discipline is the most important factor of success. So also in the world of business. Without a good discipline, it will be difficult for us to set foot into a success.

For some types of businesses, self-discipline are the main factors that need to be noticed, especially discipline for absenteeism. Because believe it or not, for some businesses, the lack of discipline in terms of attendance could be their first step towards failure.

employee attandance

That’s why employee attendance or attendance list has become one factor that need to be noticed in human resources. And in this case, time & attendance can sometimes be a separate issue which is mandatory for us to face.

If it turns out there are many employees who arrive late, leave early, or not signed, it is important for us to know why this happen. Read more

Recruitment planning a series of activities that aim to locate and lure job applicants by providing a motivation so that they can demonstrate the ability and knowledge to cover the shortage of positions identified in the planning employment in a company.

recruitment planning

Looking for a reliable workforce, professional and quality is not easy. Because to get a suitable job candidates, we will require the recruitment of employees the right strategy and effective. Do not let this recruitment process even just going to be something that takes a lot of energy, time and money without producing what is required by the company. Read more

Competition is commonplace in the business world. And this competition is one of the challenges for us in business. Because believe it or not, almost all types of existing businesses, definitely already have been someone who has started or even been running the business.

That is why it is important for us to have enough preparation so that we can face well in this business competition. Because after all, business competition is one thing that can not be avoided.

business competition

But we need to know that with this business competition, there are some positive things that we can take. One is that we can know the quality of the product we have, the extent to which our business is able to compete with competitors, and understand the advantages and disadvantages of products owned with the products of competitors.

The point is not to just because this hardness in business competition, it making us down and then wretreat and then stop running the business. Make this competition is a motivation for us to be able to create a product or service better so we can beat competitors such business. Read more

As a business owner or as a person responsible in marketing or sales, you would understand or at least once on hearing about what is Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

In business, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a term used to describe the marketing strategy in terms of managing the company’s relationship with customers. With so, enterprises can know more about the customer with the aim of enhancing customer satisfaction so as to increase sales.


We need to know that Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has existed long before the creation of a computer system into an application that is needed in the business. Although it’s not so popular, the business people more frequently used to record customers data manually in a notepad or in a book.

Inefficient indeed, but thanks to the development of the digital world, now there is a business system that also provides features of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in their system like Acumatica ERP. Read more

As a business owner or a leader in a company, of course, employee productivity will be very important and very meaningful to the growth for every company.

For companies, the productivity of an employee would greatly contribute to the development of the company and of course corporate profits.

Yet this is the hard part. Increasing employee productivity is not enough to just continually encourage or motivate them to work harder. Although the motivation is still needed, but there is a strategy that needs to be applied too. Because if we always demand employees to work harder is not a good solution, in fact it could be a boomerang for the company. Read more

Salary is one of the most important things for every employee who works in a company. The salary they get, they can make it for ends meet.

But each employee always get a different salary amounts between one another. That’s because each employee has an appreciation, expertise and a different performance.


For that, it is very important for a company to set up a payroll system that can satisfied both for the employee and the companies. But unfortunately there are still companies that do not have any system and reliance on payroll by manual counting. Read more