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Right now I’m sure you already know and understand what ERP software is and are in one of the following 3 categories

  1. You already have a distribution management system that can work well for your company.
  2. You are still trying to expedite your business process with an ERP system that still crashes or even slows down your production.
  3. You haven’t really tried the ERP system and want to learn more.

But whatever your category is, the automation offered by ERP software is very valuable and worthy of your consideration. Having ERP software can help you manage various complicated processes more easily. Here are some benefits that you can get with ERP software including: Read more

software distribusi

Wholesalers and distributors are an important part of the distribution channel in forming a network between manufacturers and retailers. Unfortunately, even though both of these are very important for the entire supply chain process, they are rarely given attention by some ERP software vendors. Although there are now many distribution ERP software that can meet the needs of manufacturers and retailers, only a few are able to fulfill the needs in the wholesale and distribution industry.

Wholesale Business and Distributors

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cloud erp manufacturing

The manufacturing company can be said to be one of the companies whose products are in the form of raw materials or semi-finished goods. In other words, manufacturing companies are the initial chain in distributing products to various other business fields such as distributors or retailers.

In an era of growing business like today, all companies certainly need a solution in the form of cutting-edge technology to be able to run their business more effectively and efficiently. Likewise with manufacturing companies. For this reason ERP software has now become a priority software for every business that exists.

Do Manufacturing Companies Need ERP Software?

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wms software

What is a WMS (Warehouse Management System)

For some people, the term WMS software is still very rarely heard. But for those who are usually involved in the distribution, manufacturing or other business businesses that have a warehouse in it, they certainly understand this term.

WMS (warehouse management system) is a software that can be used as a solution for you to manage or manage warehousing such as managing the process of receiving, storing, retrieving, moving, or delivering goods.

As a solution, of course WMS software has various benefits and benefits which include: Read more

aplikasi akuntansi keuangan

Having your own business and making the business a success is a dream for everyone. But unfortunately not everyone is able to achieve the success they expect. Usually this is caused by several factors where the biggest factor is the lack of good financial management and business accounting.

Therefore, there are now many available financial accounting application solutions that can be used to simplify and also accelerate financial management and business accounting. But unfortunately not all financial accounting applications are able to accommodate every need that is owned by every business. Read more

financial management software

Whatever type or type you run, success is always based on numbers. Revenue, expenses, overheads, inventory, sales figures, and profits are important numbers that determine the success of your business.

But unfortunately many businesses are missing this, especially small businesses that are only always focused on the daily operations of their business so that it is difficult to see the big picture of the business they are running. Read more

warehouse barcode system

Warehouse has the function to store goods and product materials or also production results within a certain time frame which is then distributed based on existing demand.

Constraints commonly encountered in this management are the difficulty of monitoring the movement of goods and calculating the range of time stored. All of that requires full control of the activity of moving goods and documents to improve the efficiency of warehouse use. Read more

erp manufaktur

Manufacturing business has begun to grow rapidly where we will need a sophisticated ERP software to be able to answer all the business challenges we have. Therefore, a manufacturing ERP software must always be able to meet business needs and be able to offer a variety of capabilities that can simultaneously advance and develop the business.

With the growing times, manufacturing ERP software is also now growing and evolving into a top priority software for manufacturing companies where one of the best manufacturing ERP software that you can use today is Acumatica ERP Manufacturing.

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accounting application

The main goal in business is to make a profit. That is why accounting is a very critical factor for the success of your business. With accounting, you can find out whether your business is producing or not. But the complexity of accounting management will always be a tough challenge for business owners.

That’s why now there are accounting applications that can be used and have functions to automate complex accounting processes with just a few clicks. Especially with the existence of a new technology that is known as cloud-based accounting solutions that allow you to access your accounting whenever and wherever you are. Read more

financial system

The company’s financial system has important goals and benefits for the continuity and also the growth of your business. The financial system referred to here is a computer-based information software that has the function to record and process existing financial data to be presented in the form of financial statements.

With the definition as above, it is not strange that many companies are beginning to flock to hunt for the right financial system to get their business. But what are the goals and benefits of the company’s financial system? Read more