What Is The Meaning & Benefit of Web Based ERP?

Now almost all of the ERP software we have encountered already using web based technology due to having advantages beyond traditional ERP software or ERP software installed on your computer.

web based erp

For medium to upper business, the use of ERP software will help you in simplifying and automating your business processes. Web-based ERP software offers you real time information on each department such as financial, human resources, warehouse, purchases, sales, accounting, and so on. Therefore, web based ERP is able to increase the higher productivity to your business.

What is Web Based ERP?

Web based ERP is an erp software built using web-based technology. Unlike the previous ERP software that must be installed first on the device you used, web based ERP requires only a browser with internet connection.

What are the Advantages Of Web Based ERP

1. Access wherever you are

This is a major advantage of web based ERP. Since you only need a web browser and internet connection, you can access your business from wherever you are and even you can access it using your mobile phone.

2. Faster Communications

Because it can be used whenever and wherever you want, it will make communication between departments faster.

3. No Special Hardware Required

No more need to install software on special device because you can use any device as long as it have web browser and also internet connection.

4. Easier To Implement

With a web-based system, you just need a little time to implement it. Additionally you do not have to bother to update windows or SQL server databases or anything else.

Web based ERP can be regarded as one of the most efficient solutions to solve various problems in different departments so that it can make it easier for you to manage business communications either internally or externally.

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