Things To Look in Your CRM Software – Do You Have it?

Although there are many out there that offer a variety of solutions for CRM, but we need to know in advance some of the main features that must be owned that have a very big impact on our business. So it’s a good idea to focus on this key feature before you get impacted on features that may be interesting and promising but not worth anything.

crm (Customer Relationship Management


The challenges posed by current economic conditions have forced companies to evaluate their CRM products more critically. Business people want more from CRM but they want it in a simplified feature. In addition, they also begin to focus on new goals: optimizing relationships. Therefore, in this article we will discuss what features are needed on Customer Relation Management system.

  1. Simplicity and ease of integration

    This is the main thing to note. Why? Because there would be no point investing in CRM technology if you can not implement the system. In addition to the ease of integration, ease of use also need to note so that your employees can use it properly.

  1. Mobile Access

    Mobile access refers to the ability to view CRM data on a handheld device screen. This can be important for mobile workers who require not only contact information or other basic information but may also need access to sales guarantees, data from back-office systems and organizational schedules to complete transactions.

  1. Integrated Analytics

    In a business, collecting data is not enough. You should also understand what the data means before you use it as a basis for the business decision action you want to take. That’s why CRM should have a slot that can give business users access to analysis in order to make business decisions both in terms of sales and marketing.

  1. Campaign Management

    CRM solutions must be able to provide powerful campaign management functionality to enable workflow from initial campaign concepts through creation, testing, implementation and measurement.

  1. Flexibility and customization

    Some say that successful CRM solutions can be customized in several ways. Therefore, it’s important for you to choose a flexibly adjustable CRM.