Simplify Your Inventory Management With Acumatica Cloud ERP

To support a company, an information system will be the most important factor that can help you improving your company to achieve the opportunities of your company goals.

Why? Due to a reliable information system, not only we can make business processes more efficient and effective, we can also obtain information or report that occurs in our company quickly and accurately.

In one company, there are some very important aspects to be given more attention in which one of them is a warehouse / inventory.

inventory management

Warehouse / inventory management is one important part of a company, especially companies that have a retail or wholesale inventory pendistributian process in which there are the activities of purchasing, ordering and delivering inventory items.

In the event that often occurs in the warehouse / inventory management, tracking is very in need so that we can figure out the entry of goods into the warehouse as well as how much stock we have in the barn today.

If your company is still using the manual method in inventory management, your company will certainly have difficulty in calculating the quantity in the warehouse. Why? Because you should always know how much quantity of incoming and outgoing goods, quantity of goods which is in the process of delivery, in which transactions inventory is located, and so forth.

Real Time Inventory Checking Using Acumatica Cloud ERP

But with Acumatica ERP software, you no longer need to feel difficulty in tracking inventory or the other concerned with inventory management. Acumatica has inventory management module which this module has several features that can be used to facilitate your work in managing inventory companies include:

  • Receipt: used to record the inventory that went into the warehouse.
  • Issue: used to record the inventory out of the warehouse.
  • Adjustment: used to make the adjustment if there pencatataninventory quantity or the wrong inventory cost.
  • Transfer: used to create inventory transfers from one warehouse to another warehouse.
  • Assembly Kit: used to make the assembly kit.
  • Inventory Summary: used to display detailed information about inventory items in the warehouse.
  • Inventory Allocation Details: used to show how inventory is distributed inside the warehouse or location.
  • And many more other features.

Not only that, thanks to the web-based application that is used by Acumatica, you can check all your needs anywhere and anytime as long as there is an internet connection and browser in the device you are using.

With the inventory module of this, no doubt all existing warehouse work processes in your company will become more organized so that can help you in speeding up the development of your business.