Saas & Traditional Service Deployment – Advantages And Disadvantages

An ERP system today comes with implementation options that we can choose when we want to use ERP software. We can choose the solution implementation into its own server we have (traditional ERP), or we can use the server from elsewhere (Software as a Service “SAAS”).

erp deployment

Yet somehow, as part of the process of the selection of an ERP system, there are four important variables which these variables will be able to provide the right decision for you in choosing ERP software:

  1. Simplicity. In general, SaaS is more simple in terms of technical building. Since you do not need to purchase additional servers or installing software on servers owned. However, by using Saas, you can build software easily and quickly.
  1. Flexibility. Because traditional ERP installed on the server itself and we have our own software, we can do whatever we want to the software. You can customize, mengintegrasinya with other software and so forth. Although various other ERP software does allow you to mengcustomizenya, but Saas usually less flexible than the traditional ERP.
  1. Control. By reason of number 2 above, many companies find that they can not control the Saas-based software to be as they want, as opposed to traditional ERP. This is particularly true if the company is a medium or large enterprise with business processes that can not be changed so it can not be adjusted by software. In contrast to the small company is usually able to adjust their business processes with the software.
  1. Cost. In general, Saas can be built with a fairly low cost so it is very interesting for small businesses. But the annual cost could be higher because you have to pay to be able to use this software.

Clearly sure there will be advantages and disadvantages of SaaS or traditional ERP. For your consideration, Acumatica Cloud ERP provides both the deployment system that you can choose according to your needs. So whatever your choice, Acumatica ready to accommodate it.