Noting the importance of Fixed Asset Management

Fixed asset management is one thing that is common and exist in nearly all types of enterprises. Fixed Asset is a tangible asset owned by the company for use in the production purposes, or in the rental inventory to other parties.

In this case, asset tracking has become very important for any company, either small or large enterprises. Typically, fixed assets are defined as objects of “permanent” is used internally the company (not for sale), including but not limited to machinery, buildings, vehicles, computers and so forth.


Although employees can use the assets contained in the company, but in the end all of these items should be returned. For that reason, the method of recording the company’s assets are indispensable so as to make it easier for companies to manage the assets owned.

To be able to tracking this Fixed assets, we will need the help of a system so that we can create a fixed asset recording method that is precise and accurate. The system in question here is a software that is specifically designed to deal with various problems known in business such as ERP software.

And one of the best ERP software are Acumatica Cloud ERP where this software also provides integrated fixed asset module which is able to automate the management of fixed assets in almost all types of enterprises.

This automation will allow the company to no longer be bothered with Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets or Microsoft Access Database to manage the process of fixed assets without having to keep a journal to record monthly fees or disposal of assets when sold or scrapped.

fixed asset moduleFixed Asset Module At Acumatica Cloud ERP

Module fixed assets owned by Acumatica Cloud ERP is integrated with all other modules in Acumatica. By using Acumatica, we can make a lot of different depreciation methods depending on the classification of assets owned. In addition, we also can provide some of the calculations of depreciation expense that is integrated in General Ledger and Tax Statements.

With a full-featured owned, Acumatica is one perfect solution that you can use to manage your business in full. Moreover, Acumatica also able to produce timely and accurate reports in real time. So make sure Acumatica as the solution of business problems that you have.

Author – AH