Knowing Order Management Module On Acumatica Cloud ERP

In short, order management is about tracking orders and managing the processes and resources needed to fulfill those orders. Order management involves tracking the order itself and managing order data like what their last order is? Do they pay on time? Or do they buy in large volumes?


In other words, order management software is a software or system that can assist you in ordering management such as improving ordering process, checking inventory and more.

Is the Use of Order Management Software That Important?

Order management software is more than just an email order form. With this software you can collect and analyze your customers’ information.

Order management software can improve efficiency by simplifying your business workflow and improving your operations.

Order Management Module In Acumatica Cloud ERP

Seeing the importance of the function of the management of this order, Acumatica also helped bring order management module that you can use for the management of your business. Acumatica order management is the best choice and solution for you that comes with various features that can make it easier for you to manage your business such as :

Sales Order Management


Order order management software from Acumatica allows you to centrally manage sales activities. You can fulfill sales orders, make deliveries, track prices, apply discounts, and also check available inventory.

Purchasing Integration


Linking sales orders with purchase orders and allocating items received into orders. In addition, you can also generate purchase orders or create links automatically with purchasing integration.

Audit Trail

Automatically creates a complete audit trail of all existing transactions including incoming user IDs and approves transactions or alters records.

Credit Limit Verification

Automatically check credit during order process (before release). When payment has been made you can release automatically.

CRM Integration

Transform the potential of CRM into a sales order without having to re-enter pricing and discount information and can find customer orders easily to verify the delivery status.

Integrated Workflow

Automate the ordering process and eliminate unneeded steps. Configure order status, status changes, and notifications to appear automatically during order process.

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