Definition, Benefits & Various Kinds of Financial Administration Application

financial administratios

You must have felt the rapid development of information technology that has brought about changes in many areas of our lives. One such technological advancement is the computer that we now often use to simplify our work.

In the office world, of course most of the activities carried out with computers, and there are no exception to financial administration. Thanks to the computer, administrative work that previously took a lot of time now has become easier and faster to complete. But unfortunately it is not enough for you to be able to compete in the midst of modern market development as it is today.

You need a solution that can accommodate all your needs to get competitive advantage from your business competitors. For that, now has come the application of financial administration that can realize your dreams.

With the application of financial administration you will get some benefits include:

  1. Creating good financial administration
  2. Controlling existing transactions to minimize excessive budget deficits
  3. Accelerate summation, post account and also the creation of financial statements.
  4. Facilitate checking, reconciliation.
  5. Facilitate in analyzing the profit loss experienced by the company

Kinds – Kinds Of Financial Administration In Indonesia

  1. Myob Accounting

    Myob is an integrated accounting software that combines several programs with complete facilities, flexible and easy to use.
    Some of Myob’s advantages:

    • User-friendly dashboard display
    • Integrated with Microsoft Office
    • The bookkeeping system is integrated and efficient
    • Bookkeeping automation
    • Maximum database exploration
  1. Accurate 5

    Accurate accounting software today has been widely used thanks to its superiority in completing various accounting tasks. You can complete your accounting job in an instant with ease.
    Some advantages of Accurate 5:

    • Have a real time process
    • Can customize the design in each report
    • Accuracy of accounting count
    • Allows you to store various items on databases
    • Able to do jobs like create, edit and report
  1. Bee Accounting

    Bee is customizable software that suits your business needs. The module provided is also complete.
    Some advantages Bee Accounting:

    • Make transaction recording lighter
    • Speed ​​up the daily activity process
    • Accurate financial statements
    • Supports fast and precise business management
  1. Acumatica Cloud ERP

    Acumatica is a web-based ERP system with a dashboard, reporting tools and integrated document management that has a complete security system. Acumatica ERP software is able to increase your business by providing business software sets to automate your entire business process.
    Some of the advantages of Acumatica Cloud ERP:

    • Increase productivity
    • Free choose the implementation you want
    • Can be customized as needed
    • Equipped with an integrated system
    • Simplify complex business processes
    • Equipped with tax calculations in Indonesia.
    • Equiped with complete module to manage various activities accross your business

With the application of financial administration in the company, you will get a lot of benefits that you never imagined before. Want to know what? Contact us at (021) 53675015 or email us at for complete information about how Acumatica Cloud ERP can help you