Definition, Benefits & Purpose Of Office Automation

Ever heard the term of office automation? According to the understanding, office automation is the use of system information to facilitate the communication of formally or informally that aims to improve productivity of a company.

Along with the development of the technology, the era of office automation with the use of computers for offices began to circulate.

office automation

Basically, office automation system is defined as a communication technology-based information systems that can collect, store, process, and distribute messages, documents or other electronic communications between individuals in the office.

Benefits Of Office Automation

Associated with the various components of the company in handling the process of data input to distribution, and with the aid of technology we can work on various aspects of the company optimally. Besides, office automation also has a variety of benefits such as:

  1. Completing office work faster
  2. Reducing the need for large numbers of staff
  3. It only requires a little place to store the data
  4. The stored data can be organized properly
  5. And so forth

Office Automation also has the following objectives

  1. Merger application of technology
  2. Fixing the implementation process office work
  3. Increase productivity and effectiveness of work
  4. Provide the ability for management to be able to suss out problems with a better office
  5. Being able to provide accurate data so as to facilitate the management in making the right business decisions
  6. And so forth

In general, office automation is an effort made by utilizing the existing technological development and implement it into the office with the aim to facilitate the business process to work more efficiently and effectively so as to further develop the company.

One information system that can automate the work of an enterprise system is a software commonly known as ERP Software such as Acumatica ERP or SAP Business One.

Both of this software is a software that can be used as an information system that can automate the company’s work system and make processes work in various aspects of the company to be more efficient and more effective.