Customization vs Configuration – Implementation of ERP Systems

When it came time for us to make or use the ERP system on our own, there will be many things that will really need to be done and considered as one of them is the customization and configuration. ERP implementation partner will certainly be very skilled to collect various data according to business needs. Then configure or customize the ERP system to meet the needs of our business.

ERP ERP Customization vs Configuration

A customization is a feature, extension, or modification that requires custom coding and / or some form of special implementation. A configuration is when you use the native tools in the system to change its behavior or features.

customization and configuration

ERP Customization

When we customize the ERP system, we will build a function that does not exist in the ERP software to be used. If partner ERP we can not help us in building this customization, it may be very troublesome us to be able to get what we want.

  • Require technical expertise and in-depth product knowledge
  • Customization often have uniqueness of each for each solution
  • Requiring the addition of new features to meet the needs

ERP Configuration

Meanwhile, if you choose to configure your ERP system, you basically set up setting your ERP system. It might sound easy, but you need to know that there will be a lot of settings, which certainly thorough knowledge of ERP systems owned will be necessary. But in this case you can ask for help on your partner because they certainly have experience in these matters.

  • Requires knowledge of deep ERP system
  • Configuration is done in a variety of ERP systems usually are basically the same
  • Adjusting existing features to meet business needs

However, both erp erp customization and configuration has its disadvantages and advantages of each. So anything which would you choose and use, you should make sure first that the ERP system is able to accommodate all your needs as well as Acumatica Cloud ERP