Best Fixed Asset Software For Your Asset Management

Just because your company does not generate billions of dollars does not mean you do not have assets that need to be tracked, protected and valued in your business. Asset management is not only done by big companies, even for you middle-level business owners also need to pay special attention to the management of your assets.

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Fortunately now there are many present asset management software that can be used to meet asset management for middle class companies as you have. It offers solutions that can help you when conducting audits, tracking assets when assets are lost and so on.

Here are some asset management software options that you can use and leverage for better asset management for your business.

#1. VemaFats

VemaFATS is a Fixed Asset Management & Tracking System software that has a cloud server or local server option. Built with a Web Based system that allows your accessibility to be easier.

You can manage your assets from anywhere and anytime. All you need is a laptop, PC, PDT barcode / smartphone and internet access. You are free to record, update information and make all changes to information and reporting. Any changes you make will be recorded as a history of the assets.

#2. Activo

Activo was created to perform a full-service solution that specializes in providing end-to-end Asset Management services for Large, Medium and Small companies.

Created based on your experience in implementing the full cycle of Fix Asset Management Solutions for several industries such as banking, financial institutions, manufacturing, oil and gas, etc. Activo provides a complete solution at an accessible price level, with the necessary adjustments and support to ensure that customer requirements are met or exceeded.

#3. gtAsset

gtAsset is an application to facilitate the management of fixed assets, such as buildings, space and inventory in it. Equipped with features for tracking the location of the inventory item, recording the history of the movement, recording the history of maintenance (maintenance history), recording the condition of the goods (damaged, good), recording the value of the asset (purchase value) and the current value after depreciation.

# 4. Acumatica Cloud ERP

Maintain complete visibility of fixed assets and depreciation calculations. You can add fixed assets directly from AP purchases, import from files, or add them individually. Not only that, Acumatica Cloud ERP can also be used to manage many other aspects of business such as accounting, distribution, manufacturing and retail.

Important Features of Assets Management On Acumatica Cloud ERP

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Multiple Depreciation Books

You can create some depreciation tax books and reporting purposes that do not update the ledger. Set taxes and reporting fiscal years that do not depend on your actual financial books.

Fixed Asset Tools

Make bulk changes to multiple fixed assets with one entry including processing depreciation schedule, release fixed asset transactions, convert purchases into fixed assets, and create fixed assets calendars.

Fixed Asset Reporting

Managing asset acquisitions, disposals, asset balances, asset net values, future projections, and depreciation transactions through built-in reports.

Multiple Asset Types

Manage several types of property including property owned, rent, lease, and property provided. Track assets that are rented or rented to others.

That’s the assortment of asset management software you can use. Whatever software you will use later, make sure the software is able to meet the needs of your business and be able to simplify your work instead of adding new work and new problem to your business.

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