Application of Information Technology as Business Solution

In various management theories that exist today, there is said that the scenario of development of good business strategy must be in line with existing information technology. In line mentioned here means that, the level of strategic and operational activities, technological development should be included within the framework of the company’s business development architecture.


According to Eberhardt Rechtin, an architecture implies a business as a merger between three component among others: organization, process and technology. For a small company, the existing business architecture is a very simple one, so it does not require special effort to define and understand the business processes that are owned.

Unlike the case with medium and large scale companies where the relationship between the components with other components have been so complicated, so it is very difficult to be able to do an understanding of the architecture of business development in the absence of clear and accurate grip.

Information Technology As the Business Solutions

This is what is meant by business development strategy should be in line with the information technology owned. Because information technology is the one who can hold on to the business of clear, strong and accurate.

Outside, there is a lot of business solutions such as ERP software that is ready to assist us in the management of various aspects of the business that we have. And one of such software is Acumatica Cloud ERP.

Acumatica Cloud ERP is an ERP software that is able to provide solutions in sales and the completion of various aspects of the various kinds of businesses like retail, franchise, distributor, manufacturing and others.

Retail Business & Ecommerce Integration Solutions in ERP Acumatica

For those of you who have a business that is engaged in retail and ecommerce, Acumatica provides a useful solution to improve and how to automate your stores online booking so it can be received and examined properly.

Acumatica provides a centralized monitoring of your business where you can view order status, inventory, shipping and profits by product and location in real time. In addition, Acumatica is also designed with flexibility in order to meet all the needs of business you have with one integrated solution.


Author – AH