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Acumatica Reviews – In the past, companies depend on the configuration of the internal IT infrastructure, they had to buy, build and maintain, either at home or expertly contracts outsourced support. All this builds on a costly waste of time and effort to be closely managed and protected.

The cloud based ERP such as SAP Business One On Demand offers companies an alternative option with many benefits, allowing them to build their business management system around a subscription to services on a cloud-based infrastructure shared via the Internet. With the many advantages over the use of the cloud through a series premise infrastructure technology companies worldwide, regardless of the size of the industry they are opting to go to the cloud. One of the main reasons for this increase in popularity has a lot to do with the three “C” – control, cost and customization.

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By basing the IT infrastructure around a cloud-based system, a company can leverage the inherent experience of your hosting provider and permanent assistance. Compared to face manpower in IT and business skills, using a cloud-based service it means that your hosting provider takes over the workload and responsibility to ensure ongoing support and maintenance.

Hosting providers of cloud ERP are based on high-tech data centers high security service offering guaranteed uptime and highly reliable. Aspects of any cloud infrastructure that should be considered mandatory include expertise and skilled labor, network redundancy, backup power, maintenance and monitoring of data security, physical access security and high performance servers.

By going to the cloud, many costs associated with implementing a business planning system use are reduced or even eliminated. With much lower initial cost initial due to data servers acquisition and maintenance if necessary as well as lower ongoing costs thanks to less security, installation, maintenance and system upgrades needed to carry out at home.

ERP based on the cloud is more often than not based on a subscription model, allowing companies to have a clear vision of the project costs, either monthly or annually, the initial massive cost with potential hidden costs and extras on premise solution is reduced; these charges are pre – defined and predictable, allowing companies to plan and depends on a precise spending in the future management.

The maintenance charge is removed from internal IT staff, allowing them to focus on the system that produces a return on investment, there is no need to manage or troubleshoot updates.

The cloud based ERP allows updates, patches and updates that will run automatically, or as requested, and deals entirely by the hosting partner, which often have a higher level of familiarity with the infrastructure and installation of an in-house power equipment. SaaS cloud is easy to customize without the need to add hardware, software, or bandwidth, which allows the system to expand the company.

The three Cs cost, customization and control are making cloud-based ERP a serious option as a technological solution for many companies.

Acumatica Reviews

Acumatica officially launched in US its solutions for enterprise resource planning (ERP) and management of customer relationships (CRM), which is renowned for offering high functionality at a low total cost of ownership.

Acumatica is designed to work in the cloud through Microsoft Windows Azure. The whole application is web-based, you can access it from any browser. It stands out for its low cost, since no charge per user but resources used; Additional licensing may be purchased or Rent Perpetua mode with the flexibility to change the type of licensing. The solution can be installed locally on a center or leased under the scheme of SaaS (software as a service) data.

Acumatica suites integrate with basic reporting, workflow, document management, security features, web customization tools and a complete SDK that allow interfacing with existing software and create new applications.

The offer consists of: Financial Suite, Distribution, Project Accounting Suite, Suite CRM, Content Management, Reporting and Adaptation and Development Tools and is that the inefficient use of ICT in business management, lack of training in the use of new technologies to simplify the use of information, working with hard real-time data and streamline decision-making by managers , among other things, creates a risk on the performance of companies.

In this sense, the new “cloud software” of Acumatica serves to streamline data analysis and business management, increase productivity and speed decision making of managers in real time and from anywhere using a computer, tablet , cell or device with a browser.

The solution has suites of Finance, Bill, Accounting, Inventory, Distribution, and based on the relationship with customers CRM, Projects, Manufacturing management and development tools to extend the functionality of systems enterprise resource planning (ERP its acronym in English)

Thus companies that access the cloud can capture your information and display it with metrics accurately and timely for decision making and the establishment of strategic plans to determine financial growth objectives, quality standards and productivity.

Also, the company director of business management solutions in the cloud (ERP and CRM), mentioned that the software is acquired in form of purchase or lease, licensing scheme for unlimited users.

“One of the factors that have this business is the price of this type of ERP and CRM solutions so Acumatica offers comprehensive tailored to every need in order to support SMEs packets” ¬†Acumatica reviews.