Acumatica Award – The Best ERP Partner Of The Year By Acumatica

acumatica seminar

On Tuesday, March 27, 2018, in order to promote its brand awareness campaign, Acumatica Cloud ERP held a seminar event called Acumatica Asia Roadshow 2018. In this event there are several agenda which are presented as following:

  • Introduction and a little history of Acumatica ERP
  • The development of Acumatica ERP product start from 2006 until now
  • Latest presentation of Acumatica ERP latest version outline (Acumatica version 2018 R1)
  • Presentation of specific solutions presented by the ISV team for Budget Management solutions
  • Presentation of specific solutions presented by the ISV team for Asset Management solutions
  • Agenda details can be found here

In this event many participants who attended from various kinds of participants with various profiles such as:

  • Partner reseller of Acumatica ERP
  • Existing customers Acumatica who are interested to learn more for the development of its latest version of the product
  • Prospect interested customers want to know more details about Acumaitca ERP solution
  • Technology Subject Matter Expert in ERP industry
  • Media and others

At the end of the event before lunch and networking together, Acumatica also took the time in the last session to announce Top ERP Partner of the year with 2 categories:

  1. Acumatica Top Partner in Indonesia 2017
  2. Acumatica Top Customer in Indonesia 2017

In 2017, Top ERP Partner award in Indonesia fell to Think Tank Solusindo team. The Think Tank team in 2017 has been the Top ERP Partner in Indonesia and Top 10 ERP Partners in Asia 2017.


acumatica erp partner of the year

Acumatica ERP Partner Of The Year 2016 & 2017 Award

Congratulations to Think Tank Solusindo who has been awarded The Best ERP Partner Of The Year for 2 consecutive years in 2016 & 2017.

The Best ERP Award Partner of The Year is awarded by Acumatica Cloud ERP to the Think Tank team as a reward for having helped all clients in introducing Acumatica ERP products on how Acumatica ERP can provide a competitive advantage in their business operations more efficiently and effectively and also has been successful in implementing and providing business solutions to all clients very well.

As one of the many corporate business solution providers in Indonesia, we are certainly very pleased and proud of the awards and recognition we have gained.

Who’s Think Tank?

Founded in 2007, Think Tank is one of the many business solution providers in Indonesia. With our business experience and a combination of powerful technology, we offer many successful solutions in designing, implementing and managing technologies that can strengthen your business performance.

Together we make the difference – These are the guidelines we always hold and have become our secret recipe for achieving successful engagements to our clients.

We are very proud to award The Best Partner of The Year in Indonesia for 2 consecutive years (2016 and 2017) for our role in helping clients recognize, implement and support the use of Acumatica Cloud ERP. We hope we can continue to maintain and even improve the quality of our performance in order to provide the best solution to you.

If you are interested to know more about Acumatica ERP products and how Acumatica can help and facilitate you in operating your business daily, contact our consultant team at or 021-53675015