Acumatica ERP Manufacturing – Your Top Business Priority Software

Manufacturing is a process where raw materials are transformed into a finished product. This process requires many stages where all the stages consist of several parts that are interconnected. Due to the many stages, it is very unlikely that the management of manufacturing is done manually, especially in today’s business era that demands fast paced.

That’s why the present erp software aims to complement and simplify the management of manufacturing processes in order to become more efficient and also more effective. Hence the selection process of ERP Manufacturing software has been made as the company’s top priority.

Acumatica ERP Manufacturing

Acumatica ERP Manufacturing

On Tuesday, 24 July 2018, Acumatica ERP was present at an Acumatica Manufacturing Seminar held at Pullman Hotel, Jakarta – Indonesia. In this event, many people attended from Acumatica reseller partners, existing customer Acumatica even prospect customers who are interested to know more about the features offered by Acumatica ERP Manufacturing.

In the seminar yesterday, there are several agenda presented are as follows:

  1. Introduction from Acumatica USA Team
  2. Introduction from Acumatica Manufacturing Team
  3. Product Demo & Presentation
  4. Question & Answer Session

During the event Acumatica ERP Manufacturing took place a lot of enthusiasm that to know more about Acumatica ERP Manufacturing. Surely as The Best Partner of Acumatica Cloud ERP, Think Tank also attended the event.

Who’s Think Tank?

Acumatica ERP Manufacturing Seminar

Think Tank is one of the many business solution providers in Indonesia that has been established since 2007. With our business experience combined with strong technology, we offer many successful solutions in designing, implementing and managing technology that can strengthen your business performance.

Thanks to our dedication, we have been awarded directly by Acumatica team with the following categories:

  • The Best Acumatica Top Partner Indonesia in 2016
  • The Best Acumatica Top Partner Indonesia in 2017

This award is an award given that we have successfully helped all our clients in introducing Acumatica ERP products and how Acumatica can provide a competitive edge in their business operations more effectively and efficiently.

Not only that, Think Tank has also successfully implemented Acumatica ERP very well and able to provide the best business solutions to all clients.

If you are interested to know more about Acumatica ERP Manufacturing products and how this software can help and facilitate you in operating your business everyday, please contact our consultant team at or 021-53675015