Acumatica Cloud ERP – Up-to-date ERP Software Features

As a businessman, of course, we want a business that can grow effectively and efficiently. In addition, we also want us to be able to continuously monitor the growth whenever and wherever we want.

It is not impossible. Thanks to the development of technology that exists today, there is now a software which can be a solution as well as answers to the questions and problems that are owned by your business known as ERP software.

ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning) is an information system designed specifically to be able to coordinate a variety of resources, information and activities contained in an enterprise.

erp software

With this ERP software, we can integrate the various departments and functions held good company sales department, purchasing, production, finance, human resources, or so forth into one system.

Today, ERP software has grown back by using cloud technology so that we can access the software whenever and wherever we are. One ERP software that also uses cloud technology are Acumatica Cloud ERP.

Acumatica Cloud ERP is a web-based ERP software with a variety of a complete packages and integrated business applications such as Financial, Distribution, Customer Management, Project Accounting and Manufacturing.

Completeness modules owned by Acumatica Cloud ERP can be the right solution to accelerate your company’s business management process. In addition to a complete module that is owned, Acumatica ERP also offers a variety of other features that you can enjoy as

Web Based Application

Acumatica is web-based software that can be used whenever and wherever we are in real time without having to install anything on the devices we use

Stramline Operations

With Acumatica Cloud ERP we can do anything easily and can maximize its resources with detailed information that can be accessed in one system

Powerful Platform

Acumatica platform can adapt to different business needs perfectly simply with a browser without having to install plug-ins or any software on the device used.

Mobile Framework

Acumatica Mobile Framework allows you to be able to access Acumatica in various iOS or Android device