Acumatica Cloud ERP – Importance Of Approval Process For Companies

In an enterprise, various filings planning business processes, transactions and others, there will always be a process of approval where this process is a process that acts as a determinant of whether the action beneficial to business or not.


Usually, the approval process is only done by large companies where there’s only a person with certain position can give this approval. But even so it is possible for smaller companies to use this approval system. With two or three users of accounting, it could benefit from an independent examination of key transactions.

Approval process here has several benefits and one of them is to prevent the loss of cash flow either accidental (or intentional) that can occur in purchasing, credit limits and product prices that are not valid.

Although we’ve been using the ERP system that is able to record the various transactions that occur in the company, but in some cases, ERP system not only serves to record transactions, but also can create and enable transactions in the real world. Therefore, the approval process becomes very important for the company.

One software that provides features of this approval is Acumatica Cloud ERP where the system implement approval feature in various modules such as Sales / Purchase Orders, requisition, Requests, Projects and also in the AP documents (Accounts Payable).

Features of Approval process at Acumatica Cloud ERP

  1. Rules for the approval process is flexible and includes a variety of options.
  2. This approval function can be performed by a group or individual.
  3. When the main approver was not there and can not carry the approval process, then this process can be done by alternative approver.
  4. Approver can reject the transaction and can give reasons why the transaction is denied.
  5. Approver will be given notification via email if there is a need to approve the transaction.
  6. Approver can approve transactions using a mobile smartphone application.
  7. Email remainder would be automatically sent if there is a transaction that is overdue.
  8. All documents and transactions awaiting approval can be monitored so that no forgotten documents to approve.

With the feature of approval, your company will avoid the various problems that does not want that may occur in your company. And by using Acumatica Cloud ERP system, you will get a variety of other advantages, which certainly can promote your company.

Author By CP