Software Inventory Management

Software Inventory Management – One issue that every company has to have clear and organized is the inventory. It is an important organizational work in all companies and that if done rigorously and methodically will not be a significant workload. Often one of the great forgotten in the company assets is inventory management software, to be identified at all times that license which programs each team installed.

The software is a part of IT capital invested by the company and therefore we must have identified what resources each team. It is to have a small database that collects all the information from each team, including the operating system license, the office software you have, etc.

This is to link the serial number of the computer all the information that allows us to identify, and if necessary, recover all the programs you have installed to, eventually, to install on another computer if circumstances so require.

To perform this task if you do not realize it at the time there are different specialized in installation retrieve keys that can help us to complete all our equipment program information. Another option we need to use specialized programs in inventory management software, which is responsible for automatically gather all the information regarding the teams we have in the network.

Not only this is a licensing issue, it is also necessary to identify which programs are installed, which version of each program, whether it is private or not, where you can download updates, etc. It’s put some order and identify potential threats quickly.

All this work will help us when we have to restore the settings from one computer to be identified to meet the needs regarding software to reinstall it. It is one of the issues that should keep up to date and be strict in its compliance, since a misstep then takes a long time to undo.