Software Development Consultant

Software Development and IT consulting

Software Development Consultant – Technological developments have brought the computer becomes an integral part of learning, work and business, extensive knowledge of computers will bring a distinct advantage for those who mastering it,  the computer should not be a problem, should be part of the solution, however it is not uncommon lack of understanding of computers will create a new problem for your business. So what if the problem had come and disrupt the continuity of your business?

In we understand and listening what is your business need, and our team will work together to manage and solve all your problem, So we offer a wide range of services to help the use and improvement of tools and computer products in the entities. This includes multiple tasks such as , building apps, auditing the tools used, advice on the use of services and standard products, development of new products adapted to the reality of each entity.

software development consultant

Based on the reality of each entity, what are our consultancy work?

  • Advice for the use of programs and tools that increase productivity and facilitate work in the state
  • Technical audits
  • Computer maintenance office
  • Evaluation and networking entities
  • Development tools for specific needs
  • Full grant management (application development, justification
  • Personnel Management
  • Outsourcing
  • Development or adaptation of management tools entities (accounting, personnel)
  • Assessment and management of servers for the entity (data storage, access policies, backup)
  • Specific servers for public administrations managing specific programs (roll, registration)
  • Procedures (electronic certificates, steps in administrations)

So contact us and we will discuss all about your need, we will try to solve your problem and build some system to ease your work, lets brings new era when the technology will bring ease in every work and business, you will be one step ahead of your competitors, the advantage will be yours.